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Your Press Release will be improved, published and sent to targeted press contacts in the related language.
Please select the MAIN Press Release and add more editions if you want.


Product Description

Promote your product or give support to your agencies! Send us your Press Release, we will

  • improve it with keywords
  • post it in NauticWebNews in the related language
  • promote it on SocialMedia
  • submit it to 100+ related media sites of targeted journalists

This service is offered in cooperation with our in-house PR-Agency nauticwebMedia, also in the shop of the Spanish and German edition of this magazine.

Please use the form (with file upload) or the email:


Additional Information


Mostly all products related to Yachting, Holidays, Luxury and Lifestyle on Coastlines. Its an advantage when an agency understands your line of business.


For the other languages it is sufficient to make a 400 words Trailer with the most important keywords and phrases.
The main Press Release can follow then after.


It is advisable not to use more than 1 video (YouTube/Vimeo) and / or 2-3 photos for your Press Release.


The invoice contains the related Consultant in charge for your order with the Mobile Number / WhatsApp.


Your Press Release will be processed within 24 hours after payment.