In today’s complex and rapidly changing media landscape companies are constantly looking at new ways to engage with audiences. With the three NauticWebNEWs Magazines in German, English and Spanish, we take you to new target costumers. was launched in August 2010 under the Allied Management Group with the first nautical articles. The three magazines are now in an excellent position in the search engines, known in the branch and very intensive represented in the most important SocialMedia´s.

‘Let us provide you with more clients!’
We are able to assist you with

  • Advertorials (editorial reviews of products or services without the touch of advertisment)
  • Last-Minute Ads (Textblogs for Charter/Sale in the editorial)
  • Banner Ads (rotating on the top and of the bottom of the editorial)
  • Social Media Promotion (Events on Facebook, Twitter & Co.)
  • Affiliate marketing (as Affiliates we bring you new clients)
  • Webservice (our Webteam can support you with Web Renovations and new Web Design)
  • Sponsoring of Regatta Teams (we are in contact with Regatta Teams all over the world and we can find with you the best one for the best ROI – Return on Investment).

Ask our team, we have in every country independent agents.

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Norberto Moreau (Founding-Partner of Allied Management Ltd HK, established at 2000)


The magazine NauticWebNEWs is specialized in the nautical market and published in three languages.
The first year we started with detailed statistics, untill we reached about 1 Mio visitors. Meanwhile we keep this level of visitors and we publish only the final results.

Traffic last year (UPDATE 03-2013):

Total of 1.2 Mio pages visited / year

[expand title=”The statistics of all 3 Magazine´s.” trigclass=”highlight” tag=”h3″] Here the traffic of 2011:

Total of 1.1 Mio pages visited / year 2011

  • 619.000 pageviews (english editon)
  • 259.000 pageviews (spanish editon)
  • 247.000 pageviews (german editon)

UPDATE 02-2012

english editon
[/expand] [expand title=”The statistic of the ENGLISH Magazine.” trigclass=”highlight” tag=”h3″] english editon
[/expand] [expand title=”The Statistics of the SPANISH and GERMAN Magazine” trigclass=”highlight” tag=”h3″] spanish editon german edition

* Statistics (log-file / Apache Server)

[expand title=”Statistic of the Internet Magazine ‘inMOREAU'” trigclass=”highlight” tag=”h3″] 28.000 pageviews / month

[/expand] [expand title=”Other Webprojects” trigclass=”highlight” tag=”h3″] Youtube-Channels: 1.2 Mio Reproductions with 492 Videos since Autumn 2010 (by March 2013)
Blogs: (Details soon)


You will be contacted by myself or by one of the regional partners.