FSD – Ferretti Security & Defence announces partnership with Hong Seh at IMDEX Asia 2017


FSD-Ferretti Security & Defence, Ferretti Group’s division dedicated to defense and security participates at IMDEX Asia 2017, one of the most important international shows that takes place in Singapore, from the 16 May 2017 to 18 May 2017.

FSD-Ferretti Security & Defence was born in February 2016 and is engaged in the design, development and construction of a new range of advanced naval platforms that can stand up to any requirement in the fields of security, surveillance and defence in international, national and coastline waters.

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For IMDEX Asia 2017, FSD presents its first model, FSD195, to the Southeast Asian market. The vessel is equipped with two Marte Mk2 missile launchers on board and features a new camouflage pattern. The Fast Patrol Vessel is 20-meters long, has an autonomy range of over 500 miles and average speed in excess of 50 knots. It enjoyed particularly great interest during the sea trials at the recent IDEX-NAVDEX show in Dubai, where it participated in its Fast Attack Craft version and has also been tested with great success in Italian waters as a “chase boat”, tender or armoured vessel for agile movement in complete security, at the recent Versilia Yachting Rendez Vous in Viareggio. In addition, FSD will also showcase its FSD350 and the new FSD150 model in MAB (“Marine Assault Boat”) version.

Ferretti Security & Defence gives continuity to its participation at the greatest international events, promoting new projects that result from important investments in research and development made by Ferretti Group. Its objective is to satisfy the growing demand of innovative naval vessels, with advanced performance and technological systems, designed to be used in all operative scenarios.

This strategy also involves the development of synergies and a series of partnerships with high-quality players and leaders in their respective sectors, such as Fincantieri, Leonardo and Saab, to build products even more suitable to any need of every kind of customer.

FSD-Ferretti Security & Defence is represented at IMDEX Asia 2017 by Director, Giuliano Felten and Head of Operations, Andrea Ameli. The Group’s exclusive dealer in Asia, Hong Seh, also announced that it will increase its collaboration with Ferretti Group in support of all its brands, which includes FSD.

“Singapore is a central business hub in the eastern hemisphere, with high-level requirements in terms of security and safety of its residents and borders. FSD has state-of-the-art products and technologies that can be of interest in ensuring performance to satisfy such requirements with impressive reliability. Working with a Singaporean company like Hong Seh is an important and fundamental step as it adds a reputable and professional local expertise that has been demonstrated by Hong Seh in years of successful operations in the area,” says Giuliano Felten.

“I believe it is a fantastic partnership with FSD, who is bringing their innovative products and technology to the region that can be tailored to specific needs such as increased range, fast response and minimum crew or quality of life for minimum fatigue,” says Edward Tan, Group Executive Director of Hong Seh.

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