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Blue Planet Catamaran is the worlds first 32′ electric cat


The sleek, new Blue Planet Catamaran is the world’s first 32′ electric cat. Not only beautiful, roomy and easy to drive, it is powered by clean, quiet electric motors.

Hoping to find propulsion that would meet his expectations, Blue Planet founder Gene Carletta said he was “ecstatic” to come upon Torqeedo’s Twin Cruise electric motors.

A lifelong advocate of environmental responsibility, Carletta wanted ecologically sound, sensible and economical technology for Blue Planet. What he didn’t want was a thru-hull system because of its complexity and safety issues. The Torqeedo outboard looked promising, and the more Carletta learned, the more enthusiastic he became.

“Torqeedo has superior engineering,” he said from his office in Beaufort, North Carolina. “They have done extensive R&D to optimize efficiency, prop design, propulsion and lithium battery technology.”

“The motor’s great aesthetic appeal is the icing on the cake. I especially like the Torqeedo crew—they’re a great gang to work with. Torqeedo is head and shoulders above the rest, towering over the competition.”

Carletta will power both his electric and hybrid models with Twin Cruise 2.0 or 4.0 electric motors. The 2.0 offers 8 hp and operates on 24V, while the 4.0 supplies 16 hp on 48V. With the thrust force of a 6 hp combustion engine and a range of 80 miles, the Blue Planet can cruise at speeds of up to 8 mph.

“My customers are amazed and can hardly believe that a boat sleeping six can travel at these speeds with such tiny motors,” says Carletta. “There’s nothing like them for economical propulsion.”

Each waterproof Twin Cruise comes with a twin throttle display, so owners can monitor the battery charge status, remaining range, speed over ground and input power for each motor individually. The motor is designed for connection with a standard remote steering system and comes with a tie bar to connect both motors.

The Blue Planet is a marvel of clever, economical design. Below deck are one double berth and four singles, a galley, two heads, showers and sinks. The roomy deck has plenty of seating and storage, a cooler, refrigerator and a retractable ramp for anchoring anywhere.

“We are excited to partner with Blue Planet which has built a family cruising catamaran that is first to market for larger boats running Torqeedo electric outboards,” says Steve Trkla, president, Torqeedo North American division.

Founded in 2005, Torqeedo offers the most technologically advanced electric outboards on the market. Combining lithium batteries with leading-edge motor technology and propeller design, its award-winning outboards offer unrivalled strength and efficiency for superior range.

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