Thailands Yacht Show & Change of Dates

Last Update: November 3rd, 2017

Tourism & Sports Ministry and Tourism Authority of Thailand officials give the go-ahead for the third edition of TYS, with new dates set for

22-25 February 2018 (Chinese New Year) instead of December 2018.


The organisers of the Thailand Yacht Show (TYS) announced revised dates for the third edition of the Show, which will return to Phuket’s Ao Po Grand Marina from the 22-25 February 2018, with the Thailand Yachting Forum (TYF) scheduled to take place on the 21 February 2018.

Andy Treadwell, CEO of 3L Events, organisers of the Thailand Yacht Show, recently met with the various Thai government departments involved in both the Superyacht Charter Licence project and the forthcoming edition of the Show, and said the outcome was very positive indeed.

“It is clear that everyone now agrees that there’s a lot to be gained by making foreign superyachts welcome,” Treadwell commented.
“Many captains and owners will be interested in wintering in Thailand if they are suddenly allowed to charter here. Once the necessary changes are all officially confirmed, which we believe will be very soon, then we can realistically expect that the other ASEAN nations will join in – and then the global fleet will have a quite amazing new winter yachting destination to consider.”

At a further meeting the same day with the Minister of Tourism and Sports, together with officials from the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the TYS organisers got the final go-ahead for the third edition of the Thailand Yacht Show, which was conceived to drive the charter licence project and the development of Thailand as the major yachting hub for Asia.

Importantly, as a result of the last two year’s progress on this project, a new marine tourism strategy, particularly luxury marine tourism, has been formally adopted as part of the government’s 2021 Tourism Master Plan, with TYS as its principal marketing platform.

One of the most important focuses of the third edition of TYS will again be on superyacht charter – and another being the “experiential” style of the show. Unlike any other show, visitors will actually be able to get out on the water in Phang Nga Bay and try out a whole range of water craft – sailboats, sports-fishers, dinghies, tenders, water sport boats, day-cruisers and superyachts alike.

All the principal stakeholders believe that in order to maximise the potential for business now that the important decisions have been made, the show should take place February 2018 (Chinese New Year) instead of December 2018. So the new dates are 22-25 February 2018, and the venue is once again at Ao Po Grand Marina in Phuket.

Thailand Yacht Show
Created by the organisers of the Singapore Yacht Show, the Thailand Yacht Show in partnership with Thai government combine the best aspects of yacht charter, boating industry and luxury lifestyle events. The fair is destined to attract industry and consumers alike and is the focal point of the luxury charter yacht business in Asia Pacific.
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