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Last Update: January 11th, 2018

In the EU Single Market there are no common rules across Europe for the training and certification of professional skippers and captains.

On the contrary, the regulatory landscape is very fragmented as rules are only set at national level. One of the consequences is that professional qualifications from one Member State are not recognised by another, causing problems with recruitment, work mobility and lack of standards for profession.


During the final conference of the TCC-SCV Project in June 2016, the partners presented the 2 main outcomes of the TCC-SCV initiative:

  • the Online Comparison Tool
    The Online Comparison Tool showed that today 80% to 90% of the 7 analysed qualifications are identical. It means that differences are far less than commonalities and that generally speaking the various qualifications are already very similar. This tool brings the much needed transparency and details about the content of each qualification, making it easy to understand what additional training or competences would be required when working for another Member State’s flag.
  • the Common Core Curriculum.
    The Common Core Curriculum was designed based on the current common base. Based on the identified differences among Member States, the additional knowledge and competences would be proposed as modules. This way, each skipper can personalise his training needs according to the common core and the necessary additional modules requested by individual Member States. Therefore, the additional compensation measures would be limited to the truly different competences required by the destination Member States.

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