Venice Boat Show canceled

Last Update: November 19th, 2017

“We had enthusiastically taken on the challenge of organizing a major boat event in the most fascinating city in the world,” said the UCINA President Carla Demaria, “and had shared the objective of the City of Venice to bring together the best of our industry and an extraordinary location.

However, the critical situation of the company Expo Venice has made the management of the timing and standards that this event must guarantee complex; and even more so due to the past, recent organization of Venice’s Boat Shows, which left a poor impression on those who work in this industry.


A it is UCINA’s duty to protect its partners’ investments, we were obliged to postpone the 2016 edition,” President Carla Demaria concluded, “This will give us more time and greater operative certainties.

I wish to once more thank the City of Venice and its Mayor, Luigi Brugnaro, for their broad availability and ability to put local resources at the disposal of the Association and its members. I would like to furthermore confirm our willingness to put our expertise and know-how into organizing a future high-end event, such as the one planned, on the condition that the critical situation of Expo Venice be resolved in the near future. The strong support received from the City has encouraged us to work on organizing a meeting of the Association’s members in Venice in the next few months.”

“The city of Venice – said Venice’s Mayor, Luigi Brugnaro – had welcomed with great enthusiasm the project of Yachting In Venice, providing maximum availability to the event organizers. We take note of the seriousness of UCINA and renew the availability of the city to work with the association, its president, Carla Demaria, and his associates for the organization of Yachting In Venice in 2017 and other initiatives in the future. Venice, the city linked to the history and tradition of the nautical world, deserves a high-level event. ”

Salone Nautico Internazionale di Venezia (canceled)
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