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Last Update: November 3rd, 2017

Motor boats and yachts

Boots- und Yachthandelsvertretung Mannheim UG (Elling Yachten), Axel Weigold
“We were very successful at hanseboot with our ocean-going motor yachts, because our product is extremely well suited to the coasts of the North Sea and the Baltic. The response to the world premiere showing of the Elling E6 was positive all the way. Thanks to good media reporting in the run-up to the show, we had lots of visitors at our stand, coming to hanseboot specifically to see our boats. We arranged some test runs with the E6 after the show. We get a good trade show audience here in Hamburg. I can only encourage colleagues in the trade to come to hanseboot with selected, exclusive products. That is what we did, and we are very satisfied. We are already looking forward to the next hanseboot here and to the hanseboot ancora boat show in Neustadt.”


Bootscenter Kiel, Kevin Marquardt
“We are satisfied with hanseboot. We were able to close as many deals as last year, and to attract new customers. To our surprise, we found the new opening hours were a good thing, although we expressed strong criticism of them in advance of the show. We had the impression that more visitors were coming to the halls from 17:00 onwards.”

CBC Cityboats GmbH, Achim Voss
“We are more than satisfied with the quality of visitors at hanseboot. It is difficult for us to judge the success of the event right now because of our changes in branding (now Invictus, Cobrey, Four Winns). The first weekend in particular went very well – we already sold a Cobrey 33 HT on the first Saturday. Organisation of the show and cooperation with the team were very good. The customers are telling us that hanseboot as a whole has become more attractive. The visitors are pleased that they have more time at the show in the evenings.”

Levien Sails and Drive GmbH (Absolute 50 Fly), Dirk Levien
“There was a lot going on. Our stand really filled up from 12:00 onwards at the weekends – we had more visitors than in the mornings at previous shows. We had a number of interested prospective clients and completely new leads at our stand, and look forward to seeing what results that produces. Two prospective clients even came to Hamburg from Switzerland, specifically to visit us here at hanseboot.”

Marex Boats UAB, Henrik Reese
“It was brilliant, as always. hanseboot in Hamburg is ideal for us – and really important, because it enables us at Marex to reach customers in North Germany. We made a number of sales, and had an amazing number of interested visitors at our stand. So we are expecting good follow-up business. We will be here again in 2017.”

Sailing boats and yachts

Small cruiser project Bente 24, Stephan Boden
“We had a sensational hanseboot, and made very good sales. hanseboot is our ideal show, and always will be. We have really expert visitors here, and meet lots of cruise enthusiasts and Baltic Sea sailors.”

Dufour Yachts Deutschland, Michael Peters
“hanseboot went well for us. We made sales, got high-quality business leads, and held any number of good sales discussions. The new opening hours meant that we will had plenty of excellent customer meetings even after 17:00.”

Gründl-Bootsimport GmbH & Co. KG (sailing and motor yachts), Richard Gründl
“We had good customers right from the start, with money in their pockets and clear ideas in their heads. The purchase decisions made at the show were finalised in the evenings. That shows once more how important it was to change the opening hours. I look forward to good follow-up business.”

HanseGroup, Dr. Jens Gerhardt
“It was an excellent show. The new opening hours, which we viewed with some scepticism before the start, proved to be a success for HanseYachts AG. Especially because the visitor flows were evenly distributed over the day, and there was time in the mornings for B2B meetings without getting in the way of customer meetings. The new harbour is basically a better place than in the previous years, so I am confident we will see more boats in the water there next year. We closed sales and made quotes on the same level as last year, which demonstrates that visitors in Hamburg are knowledgeable and experienced.”

Yachtsport Eckernförde, (Saare 46sc)Thomas Nielsen
“We were surprised to find the new opening hours a good move. We had lots of visitors and good customer leads. It was important and absolutely right for us to exhibit at hanseboot, because it gave a tremendous boost to awareness of our brand.”

Art forum art maritim B2 (upper floor)

Heinke Böhnert
“I am highly satisfied with hanseboot 2016. I like the new opening hours, which are a good thing for working people. But there is still room for more visitors in the evenings. One of the advantages I see in this show is the outstanding opportunities for networking on the margins of hanseboot. Lots of exciting new projects are generated again and again from the leads obtained at the show, and from exchanges with other exhibitors.”

Maren Goericke
“I had good discussions and met with excellent response. And I also sold pictures. I am naturally now hoping for good follow-up business.”

Equipment & accessories

SECUMAR BERNHARDT Apparatebau GmbH u. Co., Olivier Christen
“hanseboot was well attended. Our product is one that requires a great deal of expert advice and consultation, and visitors take the opportunity to come here and put very specific questions to us. I feel the new opening hours are a good thing, but I also think that many people have not yet taken note of them. I would like these opening hours to stay the same now, so that people can get used to them. hanseboot undoubtedly fulfils a valuable purpose; we will definitely be here again next year.”

Haase Segel GmbH, Marco Haase
“I found business at hanseboot very satisfactory. I regard hanseboot with its location in Hamburg as an extremely important show for watersports in the North. The new opening hours are great – we always had customers at our stand in the evenings. The combination of B2B in the mornings and B2C in the evenings is ideal.”

Kohlhoff GmbH, Peter Kohlhoff
“We are absolutely satisfied – it was a good show all round. Our splicing workshop for kids met with an amazing response. Whole school classes and sailing groups came to our stand on weekdays. hanseboot needs more activities like this.”

Raymarine Deutschland GmbH, Bernd Gröneveld
“hanseboot is practically a home event for us, making it an important platform and a fixed element in our annual planning. We can draw positive conclusions at the close of the event. Interest in our Raymarine products was extremely good. We had lots of quality customers discussions at our stand, so we are hoping for good follow-up business.”

TUTTLES Fun-Sport, Matthias Preusse
“It went very well for us. The new opening hours are the best thing – we are there when people have the time to visit us at the show. On the Thursday, for example, we did 75% of the day’s sales after 17:00. Traditionally, the long Wednesday was always the best day for us; this year, our results were well spread over all the days. We had particularly good sales of breathable drysuits and all kinds of fun sport products that can be towed behind a boat.”

Boat building hall B2 (ground floor)

M.u.H. von der Linden GmbH (boat building materials, etc.; Partner of Refit arena),
Helge von der Linden

“Things went well or very well for us on all the hanseboot days. On weekdays, too, I had the impression that we had more visitors, including in the evenings. We had lots of very good discussions and started good projects. The B2B Morning in combination with the new opening hours was also a good idea, and fitted in perfectly. We were happy to make use of this format. My compliments to the hanseboot Team – I greatly enjoyed working with them.”

DAVIDSWERFT Boots- und Yachtbau GmbH & Co. KG, Editha Cordes
“This is our first time as exhibitors at hanseboot. And we like it very, very much. We are building the boat in the Refit yard, and are delighted at the great interest shown by visitors in the craft work displayed there. There are many links between the Refit yard and our stand in the Refit centre. That means visitors start by getting information in the yard, and then come to our stand with specific questions. Results at hanseboot are extremely satisfactory for us – and it is also fun!”

Charter hall B1 (upper floor)

Sarres-Schockemöhle Yachting GmbH, Christian Zaloudek
“I feel the change in opening hours was a bold step, and a good one on the part of management. It would be unreasonable to expect too much in the first year – many visitors were not yet aware of the changes in opening hours.”

Scansail Yachts International GmbH, Jochen Eschenburg
“The new opening hours were very well accepted by customers. It works – people really to come to hanseboot after they have finished their work. Our overall results were the same as or better than last year. We had lots of discussions and also closed a lot of deals.”

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