INTERBOOT 2016 Exhibitor Comments

Interboot Harbour - Lake of Constance

90,500 Visitors at the international water sports expo – Interboot harbour is a big attraction on Lake Constance – Boat exhibitors record good sales

Sonja Meichle, Managing Director, Ultramarin, Meichle + Mohr Marina in Kressbronn-Gohren and Vice President of the German Federation of the Water Sports Industry:


“For us, the Interboot is practically our home trade show and therefore is an important platform as well as a permanent part of our annual calendar. We thought the show was wonderful this year. The concept in Hall A3 was lovely, lively and well organized, which visitors noticed and appreciated. Furthermore, we also liked the whole concept for the show; the new circular route through the exhibition generated good feedback, the standing wave in Hall B2 was a big draw and through it the younger members of the public were reached. We also found the atmosphere in the Foyer to be very comfortable this year. The Interboot is on the right path at the moment. And the exhibition halls were full, despite the excellent weather on the weekend.”

Meik Lessig, CEO, Dufour Yachts:

“Like every year, I am very satisfied with the Interboot – it fully exceeded our expectations. The first weekend was very strong, during the week we noted many very qualified visitors and discussions. We are now looking at a good follow-up to the show and look forward to next year.”

Roland Jenke, CEO, Roje Boote, Sea Ray:

“We are satisfied. We made more sales than we expected and topped our sales from last year.”

Robert Nürnberger, CEO, Europe Marine:

“This year’s Interboot went very well and our expectations were met. We also made a lot of direct sales here at the stand. The entire mood in the industry and here at the show was good. For us, the Interboot is the most important trade show. Purchasing power is strong here in the south and the show is a stable thing for us.”

Joachim Pfister, CEO, Boote Pfister GmbH:

“The 2016 Interboot went better than last year. We are satisfied and have seen a lot of newcomers. We continue to expect good after-show business and will be back in 2017.”

Gerhard Schöchl, CEO, Sunbeam Yachts Schöchl Yachtbau GmbH:

“You notice that there is a generational shift among customers and in the industry. That is a good sign for the future. The attitude of customers and visitors here in Friedrichshafen was very positive. We will be coming back and are looking forward to the next Interboot.”

Mike Broemel, Sales Manager, Bavaria Yachtbau GmbH:

“We conducted a lot of interesting discussions and also made some good sales. The Interboot 2016 was a successful trade show. We are expecting a diverse variety of business after the show and have effectively reached our goal.”

Rolf Müller, Owner of Bootswerft Rolf Müller AG:

“The Interboot was a solid success and went better for us than in the past few years. In general, interest in buying is growing again, we had a good response and are satisfied. We were also again able to conclude contracts at Hallberg-Rassy and made many good new contacts.”

Jörn Ravnskjaer, CCO, Quorning Boats:

“The Interboot has gone well, the stand is comparable to last year. The show provides us with a good information platform and having a presence here in the south is very important; we delivered a lot of boats to Lake Constance in spring of this year. We again expect a lot of post-show business.”

Axel Piechol-Duchet, Nauti Sattler e.K.:

“As far as sales are concerned, we are above last year’s level and are completely satisfied with how this year’s Interboot went. The mood was very good, in the industry as well as at the show. The new hall concept, that is, the new circular path through the exhibition and the allocation of space in Hall 3 was very good; we feel comfortable here. One also had the feeling that more visitors came this year.”

David Clavadetscher, Managing Director of the Swiss Boatbuilders Association:

“We are very satisfied and had good days at the Interboot. The first weekend was especially well frequented and during the week a lot of people came back to get more detailed information. We also concluded some contracts. I had the feeling that many Swiss were with us in the hall. From a Swiss standpoint, the 2016 Interboot was a success.

Bruno Hausammann, CEO, Hausammann Caravans + Boote AG:

“We have drawn a positive conclusion about this year’s show. We had great success with our hybrid boats. Even during the week there was always something happening here. Competitors also came by to see us almost every day, to get information. All in all, we were able to conclude some contracts, the results were good. We like the new hall concept, and in addition the circular route through the exhibition seems to make it feel larger. That brings a lot to the show, that is also what our customers told us. We are noticing a trend towards motor boats, and although I find that to be something of a shame because I come from sailboating, in the end the customer is the one who has the say about what he wants. All in all the 2016 Interboot was good.”

Markus Boesch, Member of the Management, Boesch Motorboote AG:

“In terms of visitors, the Interboot got better and better for us toward the end. Overall we are very satisfied and expect good after-show business. Since the Harbour has been a part of the show, we have been represented there with a few boats, because for us that is one point that always speaks well for the Interboot. Many visitors have told us that our boats are too beautiful to use in the water, so it’s important for us to also show the boats in the lake and to make it possible to experience them. The Interboot was a lively and interesting exhibition and as a founding member of the boat exhibition we will again be on board in 2017.”

Daniel Rück, General Manager, HL Schiffstechnik:

“We are satisfied, the quality of discussions was good. Of course, you don’t know the truth until Christmas, because spontaneous purchases are rare. We met a lot of people we know here, but some exciting new contacts were also made.”

Andre Busse, Bodenseenautic Busse GmbH:

“We were satisfied with how the Interboot went, the people we met were technically well informed and we were able to take on some contracts. The new hall concept is very good, it made the show more attractive for visitors.”

Eugen Munz, Managing Director, xm-marine, Regional Representative of Nimbus am Bodensee:

“In total we had many visitors at the stand who had told us they were coming, but we also made new contacts. The quality of the discussions was good: We are satisfied and our mood is confident. The new hall concept went over well with visitors; because of it the show seemed more generous.”

Jerry Zaslavsky, CEO, JANS Boats GmbH:

“With our new modular construction concept we generated of a lot of commotion in the market and many competitors, suppliers and designers took the opportunity to see it all live. We got a lot of outstanding feedback and good constructive criticism. At the Interboot we were able to establish some contacts with customers and take a lot of new ideas with us. The 2016 Interboot was a perfect start for our young company. We will be coming back in 2017.”

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