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Messe Düsseldorf CEO Werner Matthias Dornscheidt is delighted: “boot is in great shape!” His conclusion in Düsseldorf on Sunday: “There was a vibrant feel about the halls throughout the nine days. Good sales and a party atmosphere were the outstanding features of boot 2017. The trade fair smoothly succeeds in satisfying the conflicting requirements of being both an entertainment and business platform.”


More than 1,800 exhibitors from 70 different countries presented their products and services to a high-quality, very international public at boot 2017. A total of 242,000 visitors from 70 countries came to Düsseldorf – impressive confirmation of the leading position the trade fair holds on the global market. “Water sports enthusiasts from all over the world visited boot. People came from almost every European country. Our exhibitors have reported excellent sales figures, saying that boot is the most important business platform worldwide”, explains boot Director Petros Michelidakis. The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and France are the main countries the boot visitors came from. The event also proved very popular in Eastern European countries, Russia in particular, this year, however. The number of visitors to boot 2017 from overseas Asian countries was considerably higher as well.

Highlights der boot Düsseldorf 2017!

The atmosphere in the 17 halls on the exhibition site was tremendous throughout boot. For the corporate exhibitors, the trade fair was a promising start to the new season. Industry insider Jürgen Tracht, Director of the German Association of the Water Sports Industry (BVWW), confirms this: “Following the success they achieved in their business operations in 2016, our companies had high expectations of boot and these expectations were fulfilled in every respect. We had highly qualified people on the stands who were keen to buy. What impressed us above all was the international background of the visitors. The industry succeeded in recording excellent sales in almost all market segments; an unusually large number of newcomers are entering the motor boat segment and confirm to us that boating has developed into a genuinely trendy sport.” According to the industry association BVWW, sales at the trade fair of motor boats costing up to EUR 80,000 were very good, while demand for luxury yachts was greater than ever before too. Tracht anticipates even stronger demand from exhibitors from the luxury segment for boot in the coming year. “Shipyards that still monitored the trade fair from outside this year have realised that it is essential to participate if one wants to compete on the international market” is how he describes the market situation. Tracht thinks that one of the factors fuelling the interest of newcomers is the “Start Boating” campaign that publicised the sport for the first time last year with major water sports events at seven different locations.

The exhibitors gave boot 2017 excellent marks. Magnus Rassy from the Swedish sailing yacht manufacturer Hallberg-Rassy, for example: “We are very satisfied with boot Düsseldorf. It is quite simply the best boat trade fair in the world.” Martin Schemkes from the French industry giant Jeanneau/Prestige is delighted about the success his company achieved at the trade fair: “The excellent infrastructure at boot and the quality of the visitors make it possible for us to sell this large number of boats. We are already looking forward to the next boot Düsseldorf in 2018.” Claus Boesch from the Swiss company of the same name that manufactures classically elegant pleasure boats from wood is enthusiastic: “I will make it brief and to the point. We will be coming back!” Albert Gerritsma Motoryachts/Cabin Boats Breedendam BV explains: “Breedendam enjoyed busy and productive days at boot 2017. The fact that boot lasts nine days and covers two weekends gives us a great chance to meet wide range of visitors and clients.” On behalf of the exhibitors in the trend sport segment, Flo Brunner from Starboard says: “The wave exceeded all expectations and was the major attraction for the public in the Funsport World. Our visitors in the Beach World were again very interested and knowledgeable.”

Luxury Yachts boot 2017

Apart from the ship presentations – the exhibitors had about 1,800 boots and yachts on display this year – boot is home primarily to the entire water sports community.

The recreational diving halls, in which all the top international brands were represented, were a reflection of how popular water sports are. Diving fans were attracted almost magically to Halls 3 and 4, where they had an opportunity to enjoy their hobby to the full. Technically interested visitors were enthusiastic about the new developments in diving computers and other high-tech equipment available from the leading suppliers. Travel operators had a compelling variety of destinations to choose from in practically every corner of the globe for anyone who was already planning his or her next diving holiday. There is an increasingly strong trend in this context towards environmentally sound trips and activities.

An incredible atmosphere, exciting competitions and breathtaking stunts: the “WAVE” in Hall 2 proved to be the perfect wave for surfers and other visitors to boot 2017. Petros Michelidakis: “With the WAVE, we took the plunge with something that is unique anywhere in the world. The first standing ‘Deep Water Wave’ at a water sports trade fair developed into a major attraction to visitors right from the start.” More than 93,000 fans cheered on the star surfers not only during the contests on both boot weekends but also when they were training during the week. Almost 1,500 people – from beginners to the world champion – surfed the up to 1.50 metre high “WAVE” during the nine days of boot. Rainer Klimaschewski, the engineer who invented the “WAVE”: “I am very impressed by how many fans we found here. During the week, we had enthusiastic children on the wave every day too, thanks to the “boot for school” project, and they really enjoyed their time on the water.”

One of the highlights – both visually and thematically – was the “love your ocean” stand in Hall 4 with its ambassador Emily Penn. A co-operative project between the German Ocean Foundation and boot Düsseldorf with support of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, it raised awareness of and interest in protection of our oceans and water environment. In the presence of the Prince of Monaco, the three partners signed a co-operation agreement launching the “Ocean Tribute” at the boot VIP event known as blue motion night. This award is being presented for the first time at boot 2018 in the categories society, science and industry to honour innovative ideas and products that protect the water environment.

Advisory centres and stages for the presentation of practically any issue associated with water sports are another very popular feature at boot. Boat DIY fans can, for example, obtain information at the Refit Centre, a mecca for water sports enthusiasts. It is a dependable source of tips and tricks about boat renovation and maintenance. The Sailing Centre is also popular with visitors. It reports about everything the community is interested in, including solitary blue water voyages, multiyear ocean trips for the entire family or news about such international regattas as the America’s Cup.

boot fans will now have to be patient for a whole year until the next trade fair takes place: the 49th boot is being held in Düsseldorf from 20. to 28. January 2018.

What exhibitors have to say about boot 2017:

Martin Schemkes, Area Sales Director, Jeanneau and Prestige: „boot Dusseldorf just closed its doors and has proven to be once again an amazing European show. boot Dusseldorf has always been key for us in terms of new boat launches and brand awareness. Jeanneau has been exhibitors for 17 years! Recently, we did assess a major increase in our international dealers participation. We do have a 500 dealer network around the world from which more than 50% is coming to Dusseldorf. A very good sign for us indicating that visitors are more and more diverse: European of course with more UK and Russian visitors … but even further areas such as Asia, US and Australia.This is why we do confirm our interest in Boot Dusseldorf which is certainly the biggest indoor boat show for us with … as a consequence … the biggest presentation of boats line-up. Jeanneau division exhibition in 2017 was huge with 5 stands for our Jeanneau, Prestige, Glastron and Wellcraft brands, more than 40 boats and around 3700 m2! For the Beneteau group including Lagoon, CNB, Bénéteau, we had more than 7 000 m2 and around 70 boats! boot Dusseldorf with the infrastructure it offers and the quality of visitors, allows us to introduce big units on the market. This year, 3 Jeanneau Yachts were shown to the public including the new Jeanneau Yachts 51. Finally for Prestige, we launched our new Prestige yacht P680 last year, with success. This year, we presented our new PRESTIGE yacht 630 offering an incredible living space. We are looking forward to the 2018 edition!

Magnus Rassy from the Swedish sailing yacht manufacturer Hallberg-Rassy:

We are very satisfied with boot Düsseldorf. Our world premiere, the Hallberg-Rassy 44, in particular proved to be a very strong attraction, leading in addition to the conclusion of several specific sales contracts. We had many people – and, above all, very good people – on our stand. Very large numbers of visitors came to us this year from faraway countries. We talked to visitors from the USA, Australia, Japan, Canada, Turkey and, in particular, Scandinavia, for example, all of whom came specially to boot. It is quite simply the best boat trade fair in the world. The range of exhibits makes the trip worthwhile and people like coming here. And that leads to good sales for us boat manufacturers. And that is what it is all about, for both sellers and buyers.

Claus Boesch, Boesch Motorboote AG/Schweiz: “I will make it brief and to the point. We will be coming back!”

Albert Gerritsma Motoryachts/Cabin Boats Breedendam BV: Breedendam enjoyed busy and productive days at boot 2017. The fact that boot lasts nine days and covers two weekends gives us a great chance to meet wide range of visitors and clients. We kicked off this year’s boot Düsseldorf with a successful press event to unveil our new MTB fourzero Wheelhouse. This striking new flagship of the Breedendam fleet has been very enthusiastically received not only by the media but also industry experts and visitors to the show.

Flo Brunner from Starboard: “The wave exceeded all expectations and was the major attraction for the public in the Funsport World. Our visitors in the Beach World were again very interested and knowledgeable. We hope to be able to welcome even more surfers, paddlers and kitesurfers next year.”

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