Rise in attendance at BOAT & FUN BERLIN 2016 

Last Update: November 3rd, 2017

More than 42,000 visitors – exhibitors reported ’good’ to ’very good’ business – Over 550 boats on display

A wider range of water sports activities, a greater number of boats and a rise in attendance – those are the main results of BOAT & FUN BERLIN 2016. Over a period of five days one of Germany’s leading boating exhibitions for inland and coastal waters showcased a comprehensive range of products, including over 550 boats. Everything was on display, from modern motorboats, spectacular yachts to stylish classic boats. A Special Hall featuring houseboats and floating homes as well as a new Outdoor Hall with canoes and bikes augmented the displays. Visitors were also invited to try out stand-up paddling, wakeboarding, surfing, diving and fishing. More than 700 exhibitors took part who reported very positive reactions throughout and excellent sales.


Daniel Barkowski, the project manager of BOAT & FUN BERLIN: “Our concept was an all-round success. BOAT & FUN BERLIN has firmly established itself on the market. We succeeded in combining a range of topics which let our visitors enjoy a unique experience, and the renewed rise in attendance was proof of that.”

A total of more than 42,000 visitors had attended the successful opening event, the GALA OF THE BOATS, and the four-day exhibition. This represented a rise in attendance at BOAT & FUN BERLIN compared to last year.

Winners announced of the Best of Boats Awards 2016
On 23 November a ceremony honouring the winners of the Best of Boats Awards 2016 took place at BOAT & FUN BERLIN. Among the guests from all over Europe were representatives of international boatbuilders and boat designers as well as importers and distributors of the winning boats. The Best of Boats Awards 2016 were presented in five categories, with an independent panel comprising 17 international boat magazine journalists in attendance. Over the course of 500 tests they had examined 171 boats made by volume boatbuilders in19 countries. The winner in the Best for Beginners category was the Bella 700 BRBest for Family was won by the Sargo 33 and the Best for Fun class was won by the Frauscher 1414 Demon. The Beneteau Barracuda 8 was voted Best for Fishing, and in the newly created Best for Travel category the Beneteau Swift Trawler 30 impressed the selection panel most.

Spectacular season finale of the Wake Masters Championships 2016 at BOAT & FUN BERLIN
The fifth and last round of Germany’s only wakeboarding tournament, the Wake Masters Championships, once again provided the spectators with a first-class contest, demonstrations of difficult tricks and breathtaking action, performed by Germany’s wakeboarding elite. In the Open Ladies’ class the winner was Marie Eleni Grüneberg, the recent World Championship Girls Bronze medallist from Berlin. In the Open Men’s category Ariano Blanik from Rossau came first, as in 2015.

More and more associations and clubs at BOAT & FUN BERLIN
With 17 clubs in attendance, more than in any other year, visitors who were keen on joining a sailing club were spoilt for choice. Among those represented were Deutscher Segler-Verband e.V. (DSV), which numbers more than 180,000 members, Deutscher Hochseesportverband HANSA, the Trans-Ocean Club, Berliner Segler-Verband, and Deutscher Motoryachtverband e.V. (DMYV), which has around 110,000 members. The large membership of these associations underlines the growing importance of BOAT & FUN BERLIN as well as of Europe’s largest region of lakes and inland waterways. Daniel Barkowski, the project manager of BOAT & FUN BERLIN: ”We are grateful to the clubs and associations for their support, and in particular to those members who provided voluntary help.“

Comments from exhibitors on Boat & Fun Berlin 2016

Allert Marin (Bavaria), Marcel Ranke:
“This year there were many more interested and very discerning visitors at the fair. In a region that is full of lakes our business is successful because we have adapted to marketing smaller boats of up to 35 feet which are best suited to the purpose.“

Palme Marin (Delphia), Ben Weidner: 
“We are delighted with how the fair went, in fact it was the best ever. We exceeded the one-million mark with sales, which was far beyond our expectations. We look forward to coming back.“

Linssen-Boote, Fred Spadlo:
“Berlin is an excellent venue and due to its location on the map I am certain there is still great potential. The visitors here were very well informed.“

Kielwasser (Interboat), Oliver Kulzer:
“We are very satisfied with the way the fair went. We had very good customers on our stand and are confident that through our meetings we can build more good customer relations. In particular we showcased our sloeps which are especially suited to this region.“

Bootscenter Keser (Beneteau), Mike Keser:
“The fair was an all-round success. This year broke all records. We were delighted to be here. Naturally, we will be back next year.“

Schütze Bootshandel, Olaf Lingrön:
“We did particularly well with sales of fishing boats. Combining the boating exhibition with the Angler World was a very good idea. This concept should be developed in the future. The Gala Night was also an excellent idea and allowed us to care for the customers we had invited. That left us more time for new customers on the actual days for selling products”

Müritz-Yachttechnik, Andreas Martz:
“We were happy to see the fair expanding. We were particularly pleased with the focus on smaller-sized retailers in the local region and that is surely a good starting point for attracting exhibitors at national level too. For us the Gala Night was a very important event.“

Dufour-Boote, Thomas Berthold:
“As far as our stand was concerned the value for money was outstanding, and we liked the jetty as well. We had 130 appointments for meetings on the Gala Night alone. There were lots of people keen on larger boats, who against expectations were seriously interested.”

Nordic Yachting (Winner), Christoph Becker:
“This year we had lots of customers on our stand whom we had also met in previous years. It pays off to be at the fair every year. We were able to sell some electric motors. An increasing number of wealthy customers from the region around Berlin also visited us. The 15 HP rule that applies in the region is very much to our advantage. In my view, bringing cars to the exhibition was a good idea. We had our best meetings during the Gala Night. We very much liked the jetty in Hall 25 where we also exhibited our boats. If Messe Berlin continues along this path BOAT & FUN BERLIN could add another chapter to its success story.“

Oleu-Segeln (Seascape), Bjarne Lorenzen:
“We liked the fair a lot. The wide range of products attracted certain customers, ones we were otherwise unable to reach. In this region there is a special focus on trailer boats. Of course we will be back next year.”

Bente 24, Stephan Boden:
“We are extremely satisfied. What surprised us was the large number of visitors. We sold two boats. It is nice to see that BOAT & FUN BERLIN looks beyond the local boating region and has set itself up accordingly. The jetty was an outstanding idea and we have nothing but praise for the support from the fair’s management.”

Serius Yachtausrüstung, Reinhard Ernst:
“All in all I am satisfied. The Gala Night was outstanding and the reactions from visitors were positive throughout. As practically the only chandler in East Germany it is our duty to be here among our customers. That is why we will be back next year.”

Boot-Outlet, René Stini:
“At times there seemed little interest from visitors. However, customers were keen to find out more, especially on Friday. I would like to see the Gala Night organised differently to benefit the general public more. I expect we will be back next year.”

Thilo Trefz, Wake Masters organiser and managing director of Brand Guides:
“2016 was the fifth time in a row that BOAT & FUN BERLIN provided the backdrop for the Wake Masters finale. As the organisers of the main event of a wide-ranging, fun-packed programme we were once again able to let the public experience the wakeboarding elite close up. The setting and the enthusiastic spectators in the hall spurred the riders on to fantastic performances. All in all it was very satisfying and we were able to bring wakeboarding even closer to the general public. The high level of sporting achievement and the fact that the athletes are physically so close to the spectators are the best way to popularise this sport.“

Deutscher Motoryachtverband e.V., Winfried Röcker, president:
“The fair was an outstanding success, with a well-frequented party on our stand during the Gala Night. There was a constant lively exchange between boat owners and figures representing politics and business. It was particularly good to witness the excellent cooperation between the Berlin and Brandenburg regional associations, especially as the Brandenburg branch was back exhibiting at the fair after a prolonged absence. BOAT& FUN is one of the most important exhibitions for water sports on the annual calendar of events. One eye-catching attraction for the public was located opposite the stand of the DMYV: the fantastic speedboat display of MRC Berlin, which featured Class O 250, F 4 and F 500 speedboats and one example of a P 750. We are looking forward to the next BOAT & FUN in Berlin.“

Stefan Gerhard, director, Communications, Torqeedo GmbH:
“After a slow start the weekend went very well for us. Visitors showed keen interest in Berlin, particularly in our new products. The members of the public were very well-informed. The meetings we had were very effective in terms of business. We were very satisfied with the results, and naturally will be back next year.”

floatmagazin, Kerstin Zillmer, chief editor:
“Gemany’s first internet water sports magazine got off to a flying start in Berlin. Besides many familiar people who have known us as boat magazine journalists for years, we were happy to meet numerous new people over the four days of the fair. We could hardly have imagined a better trade fair than BOAT & FUN BERLIN with its cosmopolitan and ageless visitors for organising this launch for our community.

Floating Homes, Benedikt Fischer:
“We were very satisfied with our first appearance at BOAT & FUN BERLIN. Overall, the reactions were positive and we were able to establish some new and interesting contacts. Coming here enabled us to get to know the region and get a better feeling for the regional market.”

WESTIN, Dietmar Isaiasch:
“Big, bigger, Berlin. If you’re looking for a capital then this is it. Fishing enthusiasts from Berlin and Brandenburg are very keen to visit this exhibition nowadays. All in all it has a lot to offer. Besides the large selection of retailers visitors can experience fishing experts close up. The trade fair is a must for every full-blooded fishing enthusiast.“

Hecht & Barsch, Toni Wehn:
“The fair went very well for us. The fact that the Angler World had moved to Hall 5.2b brought us a lot of visitors, especially young people. The Aquatruck and outstanding presentations rounded off the programme of events.“

Savage Gear, Fred Kotowski:
“We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the exhibition. Overall, the organisation was excellent and visitors were very interested and keen to find out more. We established many new contacts and cultivated relations with existing customers. We look forward to coming back.”

Allround Marin, Franz Haar:
“We believe the combination of boats and fishing is what makes this fair attractive. As equipment suppliers fishing is an increasingly interesting proposition for us. We gained a positive impression on our first appearance here and were able to establish new contacts.“

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