2016 Taiwan International Boat Show is Set to Kickoff

Last Update: November 3rd, 2017

The 2016 Taiwan International Boat Show will take place on March 10 to 13 at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center and Horizon City Marina.

The show will include exhibitors from 10 different countries, 166 vendors, 1,005 indoor/outdoor booths, and 2,607 square meters of berth. The total exhibition area is 26,874 square meters.


TIBS is Asia’s biggest, most professional indoor yacht show and communication platform. The show has 8 main exhibition areas, showcasing a full range of products from the yacht industry supply chain, as well as an international industry forum, a practical yacht design workshop, and over 15 Ocean Forum Series of events.

Exhibitors will include 32 yacht manufacturers and agencies, 119 accessory and hardware vendors, 10 maritime service companies, 3 marine recreational companies, and 2 luxury product vendors. Among the 32 yacht manufacturers and agencies, they include:

  • Horizon Yacht Co., Ltd.,
  • Alexander Marine Co., Ltd.,
  • Global Yacht Builders Co., Ltd.,
  • Hsing Hong Marine Industries Co., Ltd.,
  • Tachou Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.,
  • Princess Yachts Taiwan Co., Ltd., and
  • Amal Yachting, etc.

The exhibition will feature 63 luxury yachts from Taiwan, Sweden, Italy, UK, Germany, etc, with sizes ranging from 9 feet (about 3 meters) to 122 feet (about 37.2 meters).

In addition to yacht manufacturers,

  • Aritex Products, Asia’s number one yacht hardware an accessory manufacturer based in Taiwan, will display all kinds of customized hardware, accessories, and other related technologies; Harmasing will demonstrate their professional powerboat training services;
  • Asia Pacific Yacht Development Ltd. will promote their yacht rental services and marine recreational event operations; and
  • Modena Motori Taiwan Co., Ltd. will once again display a 4-door Maserati sedan! The show is calling out to yacht lovers from all over the world with all types of products and services you can imagine related to the marine recreation lifestyle.

The International Industry Forum – Experts from 5 Countries to Share Latest Market and Industry Trends

The 2016 TIBS will hold several peripheral events targeted at various audience groups, with content tailored for both novice and professional levels. The event highlight is the “Global Market, Trend & Design TIBS Summit Forum” to be held on March 11, second day of the show, where international development manager of British Marine and Superyacht UK will discuss Europe’s yacht industry, founder/chief design officer of Cor D. Rover Design Studio from the Netherlands will talk about European yacht design trends, chairman of the Singapore Boating Industry Association will speak about the Southeast Asian market, and chairman of the Turkish Marine Industry as well as the chairman of Australia International Marine Export Group will respectively talk about the current status of Turkish and European yacht industries.

In addition, several Ocean Forum events will be held which aims to teach the public about the ocean as well as marine recreation from various perspectives including history, science, environmentalism, recreation, etc. Besides listening and sharing experiences, participants will have a chance to try boat building and receive real boat model experiences at the large outdoor pond to get a taste of the fabulous marine recreational lifestyle.

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