Tallinn International Boat Show 2016


The year’s most waited maritime event in Estonia, Tallinn International Boat Show is the biggest boat show in the Baltic states. On the 7000 sqm of exhibition stands our visitors have plenty to see, experience and purchase. Boat Show has 100 exhibitors and close to 140 boats.

The fair goes from on the 18th till 20th of March.


Last year the show had 7200 visitors  from all over Estonia and from Finland, Latvia and Russia aswell.

In addition to boats, on display at fair will be a diverse array of services for boaters, new engine models, ever more sophisticated navigation devices and other electronics products, routing software, clothing and supplies as well as must-hear tips for boat travel.

The fair also provides visitors with the opportunity to check out a wide range of leisure activities, fishing supplies and try out scuba diving.

Products and services related to the following product groups will be exhibited at the fair:

yachts * launches * catamarans * boats * marine motors * seafaring instruments and equipment * small ship building * slipways and shipways, installation * navigation and communications systems, equipment and instruments  * marine electronics * marine safety, marine rescue equipment and devices * maintenance and repair work on boats and boat motors, rebuilding of boats * small ports, port equipment, technology and supplies * port, boat and swimming bridges, bridge accessories * SUVs * boat and jet trailers * marine markings and identification marking * marine supplies and clothing * small ship’s captains basic and in-service training * rental of boats, yachts and boat trailers * marine, hunting and water sports clubs * water motor sport, water motor technology and supplies * marine tourism  * organisation of water excursions and water excursion supplies * active vacation on and along bodies of water * sport fishing, fishing and camping supplies * extreme sport * surfing, water skiing and scuba diving supplies * marine romance * motorcycles, scooters and ATVs * water sports training * marine based collecting, model ships * marine charts, marine based literature and media * marine safety legislation, small ship navigation regulation and small ship insurance * financing products * leisure goods

Tallinn International Boat Show
The year’s most waited maritime event in Estonia and also the biggest boat show in the Baltic states.
Location: • EE - Estonia Tallinn FairsCentre
Website: meremess.ee|fair.ee
Photos / Videos: Tallinn International Boat Show


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