Rio Boat Show 2016 in the new Marina da Gloria

Rio Boat Show 2016 in the new Marina da Gloria

Several representatives of shipyards already made a technical visit to see the works of the new Marina da Gloria, a place that will again receive the Rio Boat Show in 2016.

The Rio Boat Show 2016 will open from 8th – 17th April 2016.


On December the 8th the entrepreneurs were privileged to see firsthand the progress of construction and how the project will look like.

Rio Boat Show 2016, organized by the Boat Show Events, Acobar and Boating Group, will be the first major event of the new marina of the structure before the Rio Olympics and will serve as a kind of test event for the Games.

Rio Boat Show
The largest Indoor Nautical Show in Latin America
Location: • BR - Brasil RiodeJaneiro
Website: boatshow.com.br/
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