Kuwait Yacht Show 2016 starts

Last Update: October 3rd, 2018

Kuwait opens the calendar for the region’s annual shows with its settled early February dates.

The 4th Edition of the KUWAIT YACHT SHOW 2016 runs from 1st till 4th February at Marina Crescent.


Being well placed so early in the year we can once again expect a number of regional and Middle East premieres and launches. Year by year, the Kuwait Yacht Show grows in size and stature. In just three years it has already made an indelible mark on the region’s marine scene.

The market is almost exclusively an imported one for small boats and yachts with a small network of boat distributors associated with all of the major Gulf boat builders and European and US shipyards.

About The Venue

Set along Kuwait’s coastline, Marina Mall; a contemporary shopping mall with more than 150 shops. The Mall is connected by a glass-enclosed bridge to Marina Crescent; a seafront component lined with international cafes and restaurants.


The development extends along the sea front to include a walking pathway and three additional retail developments known as Marina Waves, Marina Waterfront and Marina Walk, which provide its customers with prime views of the Gulf. The Marina houses the Marina Yacht Club, an exclusive serviced club with space for 144 berths. Overlooking the Yacht Club is Marina Hotel, a prestigious 5-star hotel situated directly on the beach with ready access to the Marina Mall and Marina Crescent. The Marina also includes the Salwa Sabah Al Ahmed Ball Room as a multi-functional ballroom.

Quick Facts about Kuwait

Kuwait has the world’s fifth largest proven oil reserves.
Kuwait has the third highest density of millionaires in the world.
Kuwait is the second most free economy in the Middle East.
Kuwait has 15,000* registered leisure boats (*last counted in 2012).
Kuwait currency is the highest valued currency unit in the world.
Kuwait is the Arab world’s largest foreign investor, with $8.4 billion in Foreign Direct Investments.

The boating season in Kuwait is from April to September, the opposite of that to the lower Gulf states such as the UAE, Qatar and Oman.

A private initiative by PH7 Group, it has nonetheless secured enthusiastic support from the states Ministry of Commerce and Industry – a sure sign of the value Kuwait places on the marine economy, and also an official acknowledgment of the value this now well-established yacht show has imbued on the international image of the nation.

Kuwait Yacht Show (KYS)
Organizer PH7 Group. Operating since January 2001, the PH7 vision is to embrace the changes in the market and to always present that which is new and unique.
Location: • KW - Kuwait Marina Crescent
Website: kuwaityachtshow.com
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