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The Second Edition of SO! DALIAN, the premier marine lifestyle show and beach polo world cup took place on June 18-21, 2015 on the shore of the East Port Marina. With this resounding successful show focusing on sailing and marine lifestyle activities, China Rendez-vous, led by Delphine Lignieres since 2009, cements itself as one of the leading boat show organizer in China, introducing and promoting new lifestyle activities to the Chinese upper middle class.

Dalian, 30 June 2015 – SO! DALIAN, 2nd edition, solidly established itself as the leading yachting and lifestyle platform in the North of China, as well as the gateway to the Northern Chinese market. The biggest names in the yachting industry from China and overseas introduced their latest models to potential customers and sailing aficionados: Azimut, Beneteau, Lagoon, Monte Carlo Yachts, Jeanneau, Bavaria, Ferretti Group, Blue Whale, Sea Stella, Prestige, Yamaha, Taiyi and Dufour. As well, Vendee Globe, the world-renowned sailing race and its CEO David Brabis were in China for the first time to introduce to visitors the 2016 edition: the most thrilling race around the world, single handed, non-stop and with no assistance. As a passion for sailing is surely developing in China, David Brabis shared his hopes for the Vendee Globe to welcome its first Chinese skipper by the 2020 edition.


Yacht brands in China are now seeking more extensively to expand their customer base to the Chinese upper-middle class looking for new activities and therefore have adapted their offer accordingly with more sailing boats and more units around 100 feet and under. This trend also is reflecting the global boat market worldwide, which is in a large part driven by this category of customers around the world. One of the aims of SO! DALIAN and the crux of China Rendez-Vous’ message to its guests is to explain that boating is not just for a happy few and that the range is offering, as in the car industry, various options from the fishing boat to the super yacht. We are convinced that the broadening of the Chinese consumer base is where the future lies both in terms of sales, and in terms of leisure.

Also notable is the way the international market is now adapting to specific Chinese boating habits and trends. For example, Chinese tend to go on day trips, which means less interest in large sleeping quarters. Also, most Chinese travelers tend to stray away from the sun, thus demanding less sunbathing areas and more shade and indoor leisure space. The yacht brands are now taking these aspects into consideration thus developing more specific products for the Chinese. However, we are noticing subtle changes in these habits as the number of boat enthusiasts grow. For instance several chinese boat owners and potential owners sailed from Qingdao to Dalian, an experience which led to the signature of several deals.

SO! DALIAN has organized over the 3 days sea trials, kids sailing classes, and match racing on boats of all sizes to help its guests experience the various pleasures of boating.

Cocktails and Gala dinners at the Shangri La Hotel Dalian, the Gaggenau VIP lounge, the Taittinger Champagne bar and more were organized throughout the event to offer guests food tastings, fine wines and champagne as well as an exciting networking platform.

Beach polo world cup

The three day competition was a main draw for VIPs and visitors alike of SO! DALIAN. On the women’s side, the final was a close match between the Shangri La Team and Patriot National team, with Shangri La ultimately winning 3 to 2. On the men’s side, the Tianjin Golden Metropolitan Polo Club was the clear winner, beating Air France in the finals 6 to 3.

Once again, bringing together the thrills of Polo and Sailing proved a winning combination, with guests watching the polo tournament between sea trials, while enjoying a Taittinger glass of Champagne.

SO! DALIAN and SO! HAINAN, the two main points of entry in the Chinese yacht market

It is becoming clear that the China yachting market landscape is now organized around two main strongholds. The North of China with Dalian and Qingdao, and the South around Hainan, the epicenter, Guangdong and Fujian provinces.

China Rendez-Vous is offering a unique platform for the Chinese yacht and leisure market, as it covers both the North and the South, having become a reference and true point of entry to the entire Chinese market. Its two flagship events, SO! DALIAN in the North and SO! HAINAN in the South offer similar guarantees of quality, originality and focus. While SO! DALIAN has a strong focus on sailing and lifestyles typical to the North of the country such as equestrian sports, SO! HAINAN is dedicated to the Riviera lifestyle and introduces to its guests the best yachts in the world, of all sizes and dimension.

After founding and developing the original Hainan Superyacht show Hainan Rendez-Vous, China Rendez-Vous returns to Hainan from December 3rd to December 6th with its new flagship show SO! HAINAN. Located in a resort feeling environment in Yalong Bay, SO! HAINAN expects 25,000 guests and over 200 exhibitors from around the world introducing the best of the best that the yacht world has to offer. Loyal partners such as Taittinger, our exclusive champagne sponsor, and Air France will also be present.


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