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Since 1854, the ‘’seagull’’ on Baglietto’s logo is a symbol throughout the nautical world. Today it represents the new shipyard’s drive towards the future.


Pietro Baglietto was born in Varazze in 1841. And in 1854 he started ”his” shipwright business in a vegetable garden a hundred meters away from the seashore, where he started building small boats and dinghies. But he soon drifts towards the yachting business building his first pleasure crafts.


Till 1890 Baglietto shipyard is hosted in the courtyard right in the town of Varazze, quite far from the beach. But after having obtained the first foreshore concession and thanks also to the creation of the first Yachting Clubs, Baglietto boats became very fashionable among all sailing fans.

The first racing boat is the cutter Rosy, 7.50 m. long, followed in 1889 by Barchetta. In 1891 Miss Mary, a famous yacht modified by Baglietto, became a regatta champion. It’s the beginning of a long winning career in the worldwide competition sailing world.


The first motor pleasure crafts appear at the beginning of the 20th century . Right in those years Pietro Baglietto constructs his first motor boats then called “‘canotti automobili” – “motorized inflatable boats” and, in 1906, he earns one of his most important records: the launching of Giuseppina, the largest “combustion engine” cruising yacht ever built in Italy, 22.6 m. long. In the same period he earns a second important record: he builds the world’s first prototype of hydrofoil.
The turn of the century sees Baglietto dealing with many different types of products, from sailing boats to the first experimental motorized vessels. In 1908 they start producing HYDROFOILS, reaching a total production of 1500 pieces.
The years of the First World War are very intense and see the construction of wooden boats commissioned by the Italian Navy. The MAS PT boat (Anti Submarine Hydrofoils) is the symbol of the period, which also inspired Gabriele d’Annunzio for his famous motto “Memento Audere Semper”. Designed by Vincenzo Baglietto himself, built with a step hull, Baglietto’s MAS have made the history of the Navy throughout the world, and not only of the Italian one. In fact they were also purchased by the Japanese, Finnish, French and Swedish Navies.
During the 20’s pleasure yachts are back in fashion. In these years Baglietto’s clientele include renowned yacht and motorboat lovers, such as the King of Spain and Guglielmo Marconi. Yesterday as today, speed and performance are the characteristics that have determined the brand’s success: in those years the shipyard was very much involved in sporting events, earning a list of victories in European and overseas competitions. Like the triumph of Baglietto I in Monaco, where it achieved a double record in speed and of first Italian vessel obtaining a world record.
In 1929 Baglietto designs the first Italian 12 metre yacht: La Spina. An extraordinary example of the power of technology, also equipped with prestigious interiors.
In 1933 Gabriele D’Annunzio himself had his own boat designed and built by Baglietto. In the same years other sports records are achieved: in 1938, the sports version of the original MAS sets the world speed record for 3-6-9-12 miles.
During the 40’s Baglietto concentrates itself in the construction of military vessels, especially anti-submarine patrol boats and, “barchini d’assalto” – “small assault boats”: thus improving also the technologies and performances of civilian boats. An example of these achievements is the Caroly, a 23.66 m. yacht that in 1948 crosses the Atlantic Ocean in less than 4 months.


In the post war years, thanks to the enlargement of the shipyard and to the acquired know-how, Baglietto is now ready for a large scale production of motor boats.

The wooden series dedicated to the Mediterranean Islands was created right in this period: the 11,50 m. Elba (42 units produced) , followed by the 14 m. Ischia and Capri. The arrival of marine plywood in the 70’s allows to apply new construction techniques, especially for the interiors. The “M” class, created towards the end of the 60’s, brought a great innovation both in style and in performance, which left a long-lasting impact in the motor yacht design world. In fact, 196 vessels of this type were produced by the shipyard. The first time appearance of the Flying Bridge, which allowed to fully exploit the boat’s roof, is definitely the most outstanding innovation of the times.


The 70’s mark the beginning of a new era: the aluminium one, a type of material that still today, characterizes the output of Baglietto’s production. New cutting-edge technological solutions offer more and more surprising performances. Above all we find the water-jet propulsion which for an example, allows the 26 m. Chato to reach a speed of 62.5 knots.

A pioneer in the use of aluminium, Baglietto establishes a new landmark in the naval industry also in the 80’s, with the construction of large size yachts. The 35 m. Adler is their first model, mounting a water-jet propulsion, and capable of reaching a speed of 36 knots.


The 90’s are years of great stylistic explorations for Baglietto shipyards. Boats like Maffy Blue and Alba launched respectively in 1991 and 1993, mark the beginning of the concept of Class. Their innovative design and lavish interiors were considered a new standard in the displacement yachts segment.

In 1996, with the take-over of Cantieri Ferrari of La Spezia, the brand’s production capacity became even stronger, allowing the creation of models which became a point of reference for the whole industry.


Baglietto’s great tradition of technological excellence and design has gone on to create real motorized masterpieces for all the first decade of the XXI century.

Models like Tatiana Per Sempre and Blue Princess (2005) and Blue Scorpion (2006) are out-and-out examples of how a solid Italian craftsmanship tradition can perfectly be combined with the ultimate technological innovation.


The take-over of Baglietto shipyards by Gavio Group, marks the beginning of a new chapter in the brand’s history.

The strength of an international group, operating in different key businesses such as telecommunications and transports, combines itself with an historical brand’s inspired tradition of design and craftsmanship to create, once again, boats capable of expressing all the prestige and innovation of a Made in Italy style.

Baglietto Yachts
Baglietto, the historic shipyard founded in 1854, specialises in the construction of new planing and semi-displacement aluminium yachts ranging between 38 and 50 metres in length and steel & aluminium displacement mega-yachts above 40 meters. The take-over of Baglietto shipyards by Gavio Group was a beginning of a new chapter in the brand's history.
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