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Last Update: October 11th, 2018

Rolex’s involvement in yachting revolves around a privileged alliance with the very core of the sport: select yacht clubs that organize exceptional regattas and races, and its governing body.

Through its partnerships with the prime movers behind the sport, Rolex has helped develop and promote some of the world’s leading yachting events; events where owners and sailors are assured of fair competitive racing as well as convivial social occasions ashore. Rolex regattas form a natural calendar, allowing crews and yachts to travel between them reassured that the Rolex association is a seal of authenticity. It is a guarantee that both on and off the water the race or regatta will be organized with the competitors’ best interests at heart. Whether spanning 600 miles (about 1,000 kilometres) or more offshore, or involving an intensely competitive inshore race series, yachting competitions are complex and rely upon meticulous preparation and attention to detail.


The yacht clubs that organize such events have been the torch-bearers of the sport for over a century. Each club is de ned by its unique location and tradition, while sharing common values of professionalism and fair play, and nurturing camaraderie and community. The keeping of time is a fundamental element of yacht racing. Whether it is to determine the exact moment a race starts or the eventual winner under handicap or compen- sated time, the rotation of crew on a long race, the choreography of a particular manoeuvre, sail choice or navigation, time runs through the sport. The coveted prize at all Rolex yachting events is a specially engraved Rolex timepiece; a symbol of success that marks out the winners as having accomplished something remarkable in their chosen sport.


Rolex has partnered the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) since 2001. Made up of over 140 member national authorities and representing 100 classes of sailing boats ranging from dinghies up to 60-foot ocean racers, ISAF is responsible for the sport’s development and the decisions and rules which govern it. The ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Awards mark the annual manifestation of this enduring relationship. The awards are the highest honour a yachtsman and a yachtswoman can achieve. In add- ition to the magni cent ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year trophy, each winner is presented with an engraved Rolex watch.

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Rolex has deep-rooted ties with the most prestigious yacht clubs, institutions and regattas in the world, sharing the highest standards of excellence with the custodians of yachting’s finest spirit.
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