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AFTERGUARD Describes the collective of key tactical decision-makers on a boat, typically the helmsman, navigator and tactician. “After” because they stand to the rear of the yacht.

CANTING KEEL A traditional keel is xed and points straight down beneath the centreline of a yacht. A canting keel is able to pivot either side of the centreline to better counteract the heeling force of the sail and improve performance, particularly upwind.


COASTAL RACE OR INSHORE RACE A race that uses a combination of natural features, naviga- tion marks and laid buoys within sight of land to create a course that usually lasts between two and four hours in time; the actual distance sailed will depend upon the strength of the wind, and size of yachts competing.

COMMODORE The senior of cer elected by the membership to lead and represent a yacht club; supported by other elected of cers, for example vice commodores and rear commodores, which may have speci c areas of responsibility.

CORRECTED TIME The recalculation of a yacht’s elapsed time according to its individual rating or handicap (which is typically based on parameters such as its hull dimensions, displacement and sail area).

CORINTHIAN Refers to a non-professional sportsman or sportswoman whose spirit and approach to competition is of the highest standard.

DISPLACEMENT Measured in tonnes, calculates the weight of the water displaced by a yacht when oating.

DOUBLE-HANDED Yacht sailed by a two-person crew.

ELAPSED TIME Actual time it takes a yacht to complete a race.

FARR 40 A 12-metre (40-foot) monohull, one- design, grand prix racing boat rst launched in 1997 by Farr Yacht Design and helmed by its amateur owner.

HELMSMAN Responsible for steering a yacht (member of afterguard).

KNOT Measures nautical speed. One knot is the equivalent of one nautical mile per hour.

LATITUDE Lines mapped around the Earth’s surface parallel to the equator, used to de ne the north/south position of a yacht.

LINE HONOURS Awarded to the rst nisher of an offshore race; a position often contested by the fastest state-of-the-art designs; the winner receives a Rolex timepiece.

LONGITUDE Lines mapped around the Earth’s surface perpendicular to the equator, used to de ne the east/west position of a yacht.

MAXI A high-performance yacht measuring between 24.09–30.5 metres (80–100 feet).

MAXI 72 A 21.94-metre (72-foot) all-out racing boat, equally adept at competing in inshore or offshore races.

MONOHULL A yacht with a single hull. Boats with two or three hulls are referred to as multihulls.

NAUTICAL MILE A measure of distance at sea. 1 nautical mile = 1.852 kilometres.

NAVIGATOR A key position onboard, the navi- gator is responsible for de ning the optimum route between any given points – usually marks of the race course – based on geographical and meteorological factors (member of afterguard).

OFFSHORE RACE A long-distance race, usually between two different places / ports, which takes the eet through open water, out of sight of land. Also referred to as ocean race or bluewater race. Rolex-sponsored offshore races in-clude the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race and the Rolex Fastnet Race.

ONE-DESIGN Class of yacht built to one uniform design and consequently as identical as possible. The Farr 40 is an example of a one-design yacht.

OVERALL WINNER Best performing yacht, deter- mined on corrected time after the application of handicap (except in one-design racing). A Rolex timepiece is awarded to the overall winner.

PORT Left-hand side of the yacht from the per- spective of the person onboard facing forward.

REGATTA A series of races which usually take place in close proximity to the organizing yacht club.

RHUMB LINE A straight line in-between two points on a race course.

SINGLE-HANDED A yacht sailed by one person. STARBOARD Right-hand side of the yacht from the perspective of a person onboard facing forward.

SUPERMAXI Maxi yacht measuring upwards of 30.51 m (100.1 ft).

TACTICIAN Key role in making decisions about how a yacht conducts its race from the start to the nish (member of afterguard).

TRIPLE CROWN Unofficial title awarded to a yacht/ crew who win all three prizes at an offshore race (line honours, overall winner and setting a new race record).

WARNING SIGNAL Race starts follow a set procedure of sound and visual ( ag) signals pre- scribed by the sailing instructions or rules. The rst signal in the sequence is the warning signal either 10 minutes or 5 minutes before the race begins.

WATCH SYSTEM Rota deployed on board a yacht, notably during offshore races, to manage human resources by subdividing the crew into smaller units that can look after the vessel while other crew members rest.

WINDWARD / LEEWARD RACE A short race lasting between 45 minutes and 90 minutes in which the competing yachts race a series of legs up- wind (into the wind) and downwind (with the wind behind).


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