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Last Update: November 3rd, 2017

The Motorboat section expands by 30 per cent – for the first time new products are making their world debut in Berlin – Autotage Berlin is launched parallel with BOAT & FUN

For anyone who enjoys their spare time either in or on the water BOAT & FUN BERLIN 2015 – The Whole World of Boating and Outdoor Sports – is the place to be. On 25 November at 6 p.m., the Berlin boating exhibition opens its doors with the GALA Night of the Boats. From Thursday to Sunday, over a period of four days, more than 700 exhibitors from 15 countries will be displaying their water sports and water tourism products in 11 halls. BOAT & FUN BERLIN reflects the capital’s overall trend as a booming city. In Hall 3, which showcases motor yachts and chartered yachts, the number of boats on display has risen by 30 per cent compared to last year, and for boats measuring over 35 feet in length the figure has even increased to 50 per cent.


For the first time numerous motorboats will be making their world debut at BOAT & FUN BERLIN. They include the Linssen 350 AC (Hall 3.2, Stand 420), the Boarncruiser 1100 Sedan (Hall 3.2, Stand 215), the twin-engined Delphia Escape 1100 S (Hall 3.2, Stand 501), the Da Vinci 32 (Hall 3.2, Stand 425) and the B1 Yachts Commander 10.0 (Hall 4.2, Stand 403).

However, BOAT & FUN BERLIN has more to offer than just boats. In fact, it caters for the entire spectrum of activities in the watersports and water tourism sector, ranging from holidays and sports to classic boats and related professions. Rounding off the fair is an angling exhibition and the region’s largest car show.

Experience the fascination of water sports live!

A wide range of events at BOAT & FUN BERLIN will be offering visitors the chance to take part in, experience and test water sports activities for themselves. Getting wet is no problem! The special events pool in Hall 21, which covers 1,000 square metres and features a cable system, is offering introductory wakeboarding courses. This is also where visitors can test their coordination and balancing skills doing stand-up paddling (SUP), the world’s fastest-growing discipline in water sports. A new water sport featured at this year’s BOAT & FUN BERLIN is SUP polo. Visitors to Hall 21 can try out diving in a container with built-in windows, and in the pool in Hall 22 they can test the handling qualities of kayaks and canoes. In the fly-casting area (Hall 22) visitors can practice fly tying and fly-fishing, and those who try out aqua zorbing (Hall 21) will be able to “walk on water without getting wet”.

“Sail away, dream your dreams…“

Visitors to the jetty in Hall 25 can view these latest sailing boats and yachts as if they were in a harbour and gain an overview of the wide variety of designs and equipment featured by these craft. In Berlin, visitors are now able to view many more boats in the 35 to 40-foot class. Forming part of the jetty, a second medium-high platform, which was put in place last year, provides berths for the popular day sailer category. Next to the jetty numerous sailing boats made by international companies and in every price category are being exhibited which, with their folding keels and masts, are specially designed for inland lakes and waterways. Furthermore, The Sailing Boat Hall features a wide range of sailing equipment and accessories. Visitors who wish to join a sailing club will be spoilt for choice. To date, 14 clubs and three associations (Deutscher Segler-Verband, Berliner Segler-Verband, Deutscher Hochseesportverband HANSA) have registered to attend, more than ever before. Measuring 12.80 metres in length and costing 238,000 euros, the Bavaria Vision 42 is the largest and most expensive yacht being displayed at BOAT & FUN BERLIN (Hall 3.2, Stand 101).

“Give me horsepower!“

The Berlin boating exhibition is among Europe’s leading exhibitions with a huge selection of small and medium-sized motorboats of up to ten metres in length. More than 550 boats are expected to be on display, including various models debuting on the German, European and world stage. For those who get a thrill from high-performance engines powering through the waves, at BOAT & FUN BERLIN a wide range of boats and exhibitors will be on show in the section featuring motorboats and motor yachts. Riva, a make whose name is legendary, will be represented with the following models: Riva Aquariva Super, Riva Aquarama, Riva Tritone, Riva Ariston and Riva Super Florida.
Measuring 14 metres in length and costing around 500,000 euros, the Prestige 450 is the largest and most expensive yacht being displayed at BOAT & FUN BERLIN (Hall 3.2, Stand 401).

Best of Boats Awards

“And the winner is…“. On Thursday, 26 November 2015 in Hall 3.2, at an awards ceremony at BOAT & FUN BERLIN, the winners of the Best of Boats Awards (BOB Awards) will be announced. The red carpet awaits 21 finalists in the following four categories: Best for Beginners, Best for Family, Best for Fun and Best for Fishing. They came out ahead of their competitors and were nominated by an independent jury of 15 boat magazine journalists from 14 countries to take part in the finals. Overall, since the season of water sports began the members of the Best of Boats jury have tested 260 different boats from 19 countries.

New: Whisky meets Water

For visitors who appreciate the traditional art of boat building, the Classic Boats section in Hall 6.2 is just the place to be. Occupying a display area of over 3,000 square metres lovers of classic craft are presenting a unique collection classic sailing boats, motorboats and cars. For the first time this year, numerous importers and spirit bottling companies are exhibiting alongside classic boats and cars. Well-matured spirits for connoisseurs are the perfect match for these beautifully restored objects, and in this perfect setting visitors will be able to taste and purchase whiskies and other spirits.

New: Autotage Berlin

Among owners of sailing boats and motorboats there is growing trend towards larger trailer-drawn boats. At AutoTage Berlin, 19 car makes with vehicles suitable for pulling trailers are exhibiting in Hall 23. Altogether, more than 90 car dealers are showing over 200 cars. Visitors who do not have the time to look for new cars but would like to compare them directly will be able to obtain a broad overview of current models. The cars on display include estate cars, 4x4s, city runabouts and family vehicles, as well as ultra high-performance and supersports cars and elegant limousines. More than 80 vehicles will be available to visitors for testing on the Berlin motorway stretch known as the ’Avus’. Expert promotional staff will accompany drivers on this stretch which runs for approximately eight kilometres. On 25 November 2015, parallel with the GALA Night of the Boats, from 6 p.m. to midnight the GALA Night of the Automobiles will also be taking place. Access to Autotage Berlin is via the entrance to Hall 21. Tickets to BOAT & FUN BERLIN are also valid for Autotage Berlin.

Manufactum – Hi-tec vs. Handcrafts

Dazzling chromework, the hum of engines and the smell of wood and paintwork – the Refitting section at BOAT & FUN BERLIN, previously combined with Classic Boats, has relocated to Hall 1. For Germany’s largest indoor market for second-hand boats ‘Manufactum – Hi-tec vs. Handcrafts’ is the perfect addition. This display, which features all kinds of skills, provides an interactive forum for restorers of classic yachts and anyone intending to refit their own boat. Experts will be demonstrating their individual techniques to visitors who can then try out their own skills. This display with its focus on manual skills is divided up into thematic islands: a workshop on gluing parts, a symposium on painting (use of filler, spray painting and rubbing down), laminating foils and building tillers and dinghies.

Wake up Berlin!

In Hall 21 at BOAT & FUN BERLIN will play host to Germany’s best wakeboarders demonstrating spectacular jumps and tricks. As the venue of the fifth event, after Hanover, Berlin (Tempelhofer Hafen), Munich and Hamburg, Berlin represents the final round of the WAKE MASTERS series. The specially constructed 20 by 50 metre pool at BOAT & FUN BERLIN combined with the WAKE MASTERS’ own cable system will provide ideal conditions for wakeboarders, allowing them to demonstrate spectacular jumps and show off their full riding skills. Friday, 27 November promises to be a particularly exciting day and will feature an open training session of the wakeboarding elite. On Saturday, 28 November the highlight will be the Wake Masters 2015 championship featuring all categories. Those taking part in the competition, which was first held in 2009, will be vying for valuable points and a place in the rankings of the German Water Ski and Wakeboarding Association (DWWV). In Berlin, the last stop of the tournament, competitors will be able to gain up to 200 valuable points in a bid to secure first place on the podium.

Paddlers ahoi!

The Canoe and Kayak Discovery World in Hall 22 on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds is being held in cooperation with leading canoe retailers who will be presenting a total of 60 boats, including from Lettmann, Prijon, Point 65 and Tahe Marine. Visitors can try out the handling qualities of the boats in a testing pool. The Spreewald, the Mecklenburg lakeland region and the River Oder: East Germany offer canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts a wide range of opportunities for extensive paddling tours of Europe’s largest region of lakes and inland waterways. This event in Berlin is where all fans of canoeing and kayaking can look forward to the upcoming season of water sports activities.

Who can catch the largest fish?

The Angler World at BOAT & FUN BERLIN hat has developed into a meeting place for anglers as well as an important marketplace. Brandenburg and Berlin alone boast around 76,000 anglers who are registered with 1,400 associations and clubs, and at the Angler World in Hall 22 they can find everything the angling heart desires. In the lecture area, the Anglers’ Forum, leading experts will be explaining the art of getting fish to bite. In the fly-casting area, the casting section and in the drilling simulator fishing enthusiasts will be able to try out their own skills. Berlin benefits from its large number of small and medium-sized boats. Thus, for the first time, the Angler World is hosting a special display of fishing boats.

Holidays on the water

Chartered tours are booming. A study published in July of this year under the heading of ‘The economic effects of water tourism in the Berlin/Brandenburg region’ was able to provide statistics for this trend for the first time. The findings are impressive: in Berlin/Brandenburg, the annual turnover in the water tourism industry is 200 million euros. The prospects for further growth are good, with no end to the trend in sight. Evidence of this can be found at BOAT & FUN BERLIN. where visitors can book yachting and motorboating holidays at destinations all over Europe. The focus of the Berlin boating exhibition is on the lakes and inland waterways between the North Sea and the Baltic that are situated in Europe’s largest water sports region. As well as the region’s major charter companies the boats that one can hire will also be at the event. This year, in addition to the Netherlands, the focus will also be on Poland, which will be represented in unprecedented numbers.

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