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132th Kieler Woche – more than 2000 events

Last Update: June 25th, 2017

Welcome to Kieler Woche, the greatest sailing event in the world and the largest summer festival in northern Europe. A nine-day program me from 21 – 29 June 2015 packed with over 2,000 events to entertain three million guests from all over the globe.

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Sailing week

Come and celebrate with us the 132st Kieler Woche, experience the maritime atmosphere of KIEL.SAILING CITY. 5000 yachtsmen and women, 50 countries, 2000 yachts, dinghys and surfboards, almost 40 sailing events, more than 400 planned regatta starts on eleven race courses. The “Who’s who” of sailing will be lining up at the start in KIEL.SAILING CITY. Experience the regatta events with live commentary aboard the official Kieler Woche Boat.

Festival week

Grand opening on 21 June 2014 at 7:30 pm in the Town Hall Square. The many music stages of Germany’s longest open-air festival will already be raising the curtain on the Friday, with folk, pop, rock and classical music on offer. A special atmosphere and special guests are guaranteed at the “gewaltig leise” (Immensely Quiet) series of concerts on the Krusenkoppel open-air stage, while in the daytime, kids will be tinkering, hammering, bolting and rampaging on the adjacent Spiellinie (kids’ playground and festival area), Germany’s biggest cultural children’s attraction. Specialities, music and mini cabaret from all over the world will be on offer on the International Market in front of the Town Hall.

Culture week

Walk acts, comedians, clowns, magicians, acrobats and pantomimes – the whole range of small-scale performing arts will be on the streets, while Kiel’s museums and galleries will be pulling in the crowds with special exhibitions. All of the city’s classical performance venues will be presenting operas, plays and ballet, with highlights and premieres also planned for the theatre. There will also be a classical open-air concert with the Kiel Philharmonic Orchestra presented by the Association for the Promotion of Kieler Woche.

Discussion week

Institutes, associations and clubs will be inviting visitors to attend presentations and discussions on current affairs, while a meeting of parliamentary delegates from the the Nordic countries and the states adjoining the Baltic Sea will take place in the Landeshaus. A traditional guest at these events is the Diplomatic Corps. An international city forum will also take place with delegates from Kiel’s twin cities. The Kiel Institute for World Economy will be awarding its Global Economy Prize in cooperation with the Kiel Chamber of Commerce and Land Capital Kiel. Exciting popular scientific presentations on oceanography will be held in the aquarium, with presentations on economy held in the Kiel Institute for World Economy.

Maritime week


You will see an endless forest of masts on the banks of the firth, with over one hundred windjammers and traditional sailing boats moored on the quayside. The fascination of tall ships will be at the forefront in the windjammer parade with more than 100 ships taking part on the second Saturday of Kieler Woche.

Destroyers, frigates, corvettes, minesweepers and high-speed launches from a whole host of countries will come together in Tirpitz Harbour for the meeting of the navy fleets and “Open ship”, while navy cutter regattas will be held in Kiel’s inner-firth.

Sports week

KIEL SAILING CITY means more than just sailing. Competitions and encounters in more than 30 sports, including cycling, golf, basketball, bowling, canoe polo, handball, hockey, rugby, roller-skating, chess and the schoolkids’ road race will also be taking place.

Kieler Woche
The world's largest sailing regatta and the largest summer festival in Northern Europe.
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