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Algeria Boat Show 2014 starts in May


The international Exhibition of Equipments and Services for boating and Sailing is a professional meeting. 

DATE: 6th to 10th May, 2014 at Port El Djamila (ex. La Madrague) Ain Benian – Algiers


The editions years ago gave the opportunity to create a space of communication allowing giving an accurate image of the state of development of the sector, its ambitions and its needs by favouring the contact between the professionals of the field at both national and international levels.


Scope of the Salon:

  • Contribute to a better knowledge of the state of development of the sector upstream and downstream,
  • Favour and promote contacts of Algerian companies between them on the one hand and with foreign companies on the other hand, to create sustainable professional relationships,
  • Improve the technological level together with the performances of the Algerian companies of the sector in connection with foreign partners.
  • Promote a sector seeking to be better known near the general public.

See more: algeriaboatshow.com

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Norberto Moreau is publisher and Co-Founder of the group Allied Management Ltd (Hong Kong, London, Valencia). The group has a network with associates in Yachting, Properties and Online Services.