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Dalian, located at the southern tip of Liaodong Peninsula and surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, owns 1,906 kilometers of coastline with an oceanic area of 29,000 square meters. There are 710 isles dotted around Dalian.

Geographically, Dalian is the ocean gateway of Northeast China to the Pacific, powered by the high speed economic growing and City’s fast developing infrastructure, Dalian now has the highest property price among Northeast China that attracting celebrities and high class population towards for business, holiday and living.

A total of six marinas out of the 20 planned by Dalian City Local Government have been completed or will be completed in the near future. (Locations including Xinghai Bay, Tiger Beach, Xiaoping Island, Eastern Port District, Golden Beach and Golden Bohai Beach. The Xinghai Bay Marina provides berths for nearly 110 yachts and boats so far.

Dalian, nominated as the Best Tourist’s Destination in China by the World Tourism Organization, also well known as the City of Romantic and Stylish. Yachting becomes fashionable in recent years and will be one of the city’s leading industries. With the magic power of yachting as aquatic sports and recreations, Dalian is growing to be a textbook example yachting city of North China.

  • – City of Yacht in North China, where yacht industry is well developed
  • – The Best Tourist’s Destination in China, and the City of Romance and Style
  • – The population of seafarers and fishing lovers is huge. Large amount of capital investment is flowing into the fast development of yacht building and marina construction.
  • – By the fast economic growth and developing infrastructure, Dalian is the Southward Destination for the rich businessmen from Northeast China who make fortune from natural resources, and the booming industrial development.
  • – 2,211 kilometers of coastline with an oceanic area of 29,000 square meters, and 710 islets.
  • – The climate is fairly mild in winter and rather cool in summer.

Dalian Boat Show
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