Lisbon – Stopover of Route des Princes


Visitors in June are swept along the streets by the crowds who gather for the Festival of Popular Saints, as the Route des Princes crews will be when, on St Anthony’s Day, they arrive at the port which is just a short walk from Commerce Square at the very heart of the city. There will be hundreds of thousands of people in the streets, out to make the public holiday the biggest and best festival in Portugal. Eating, drinking and dancing until daybreak await you at the Portuguese stopover on this tour of Europe by multihull.


Description of Lisbon

Nestled up against the edge of the Atlantic, the Portuguese capital is redolent with history and possesses a unique cultural richness enhanced by a spectacular setting. The beauty of the city is unconventional and multi-faceted. The pastel tones of the houses and the wild nightlife make you think of Havana; blue waters, the red 25th April Bridge and trams evoke San Francisco; chic boutiques and the refurbished docks have a definite London vibe, while the Alfama district of the city feels like a North African medina.

It’s not easy, then, to grasp the essence of Lisbon. And for good reason, there is simply nothing else like it. Lisbon is unique. Beautiful too, but it goes deeper than that. The city charms visitors not only with its warm welcome and its expressive energy, but also with its edgy contrasts and reminders of its turbulent history which has witnessed the passing of the Romans, the great maritime explorers and Salazar’s dictatorship. There are also enchanted palaces to discover, along with classified monasteries, contemporary art galleries and narrow back streets that make you feel as if you are travelling back in time.


Keyfacts Lisbon

Country: Portugal
Population: 547,733 inhabitants (in 2011)
Coordinates: 38° 43′ North / 9° 08′ West
Area: 83.84 km²
Bordered by: the Atlantic

Variety of local products in Lisbon

When you’re there, make the most of your time to explore Lisbon’s gastronomy culture. You must try, for example, those small cream cakes called pastéis or any of the thousand and one other culinary secrets guarded by the city.


Beyond the stereotype of the famous bacalhau (salt cod), the country’s flagship ingredient for four centuries which has supposedly generated some 365 different recipes, the local produce on offer includes an incredible range of wines, cheeses, and fish, while the olive oil rivals the best in Europe. And don’t miss out on caldo verde, the home-made jade-coloured soup made of cabbage and potatoes, which you could always wash down with a small glass of vinho verde. Go for it! Stop over in Lisbon – feel its energy and soul.

Plan Lisbon

La Route des Princes

The Route des Princes is an Open race around Europe, which is accessible to all multihulls measuring at least 50 feet long.

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