BOATFIT in Germany opens for the eighth time


From Friday 22 to Sunday 24 February 2013 a maritime breeze will blow through Halls 6 and 7 of the Bremen Exhibition Centre when BOATFIT opens for the eighth time. Boat owners and would-be boat owners can learn all about purchase, maintenance, and handling of boats. A new topic “woodworking” will be in the focus of several workshops this year. We have done some research in advance and would like to draw your attention to the following:

by Messe Bremen / Jan Rathke– Even a trade fair that doesn’t primarily aim at presenting innovations has some new items on the agenda: On show, for example, will be a kayak which is built of sustainable raw materials and thus recyclable. Friedrich Deimann from Bremen successfully submitted it as his qualification to master craftsman, making his “masterpiece” simultaneously a prototype. It is made of flax, cork and organic resin (Stand C 42, Halle 7).

– Merle Ibach toured the Baltic from Berlin to St. Petersburg and back and reports on her travels at Boatfit. ”Heading north in a small boat“ is the topic at the Classic Forum in Hall 7on Saturday 23 February starting at 13.30.

– Riva Sebino was Carlo Riva’s first boat from serial production. That was in the year 1954. Altogether 119 such vessels rolled off the assembly line. Today there are only six of them worldwide, one of which is on view at the stand of the company “Classicboote” (Stand B 22, Hall 7).

– Fun for the kids, too… Whether they want to learn how to make nets or tie knots, BOATFIT has various attractions in store for young visitors and children, too – they can even build their own little boat at the children’s shipyard in Hall 7 on all three days. At the stand of the International Guild of Net Makers (Hall 7, Stand B 10) they can learn how to knit nets, and children under 14 can practise tying knots at the DLRG stand (German Life Saving Association (Hall 6, Stand C 58).

– The cutter ”Vorwärts“ operated for years in the coastal waters of the Baltic. Built in 1950 and well maintained over many years it has in the meantime been converted to a yacht and is now to serve as a training vessel. Boat owner Nils Rammin from the Rammin shipyard hopes that the children and young people who today learn about the traditional rigging of these boats (German: “Zeesboote”) will become the yachtsmen that will sail them tomorrow. The twelve-metre vessel with its maritime history is on display in front of the BOATFIT halls.

– Anyone who embarks on a journey has stories to tell. ”Long trips in a small boat“ is the title of a panel discussion presented by Hinnerk Weiler with guests Merle Ibach, Bastian Hauck and Stephan Boden – all real sailing experts (Classic Forum in Hall 7 on Friday 22 February at 16:00 and on Sunday at 15:00).

– A real wall decoration – and I made it myself! Ursula Latus offers a workshop on “How to make half-models of Folkeboote “. Over the three days visitors are invited to saw, grind and sand: The resulting half-model will be 40 centimetres long and, set in a picture frame, can be hung on the wall of its proud builder (Stand A 20, Hall 7).

– Scurvy: Seafarers in the Middle Ages feared this disease. Today we know much more about its causes. Silke Arends will talk about what is important for maritime diets in her lecture on Saturday at 14:30 in the Classic Forum in Hall 7. Silke Arends is the author of a cookery book “Das Seenotretter-Kochbuch” with “life-saving” recipes for on-board meals.

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Source: boatfit.de.
Photos: by Messe Bremen / Jan Rathke

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