Grand Opening of 2012 China (Macau) International Yacht Fair

Last Update: November 3rd, 2017

At the afternoon of November 12th, the organizing committee of 2012 China (Macau) International Yacht Import and Export Fair (Hereinafter referred to as “Macau Boat Show”) will give a news release conference at the Wanzi Hall of the Grand Plaza Hotel, announcing to the public about preparations for Macau Boat Show to be held from November 16th to 18th at CotaiExpo, the Venetian Macau. Macau Boat Show will be organized jointly by Macau Convention & Exhibition Association, Nam Kwong (Group) Company Limited, and China National Machinery Industry Corporation, and coordinated by China Ocean Aviation Group Incorporation, Nam Kwong International Convention and Exhibition Department, China National Automotive Industry International Corp., Macau Expo Group Limited, Fujian Wangzi Yacht Sales Co., Ltd., and Fujian Auto China Conference & Exhibition Co., Ltd.

With support of the Macau SAR government, and concern from the public and media, 2011 Macau Boat Show given at the end of last October made a great achievement. As the first specialized one that Macau had given, 2011 Macau Boat Show was well received and thought highly of by viewers from all walks of life, participants, media and people in the yacht circles. On the basis of the high starting point and high level of the first boat show, 2012 Macau Boat Show will continue to expand its scale and influence and aims to build a professional yacht import and export transaction and brand exhibition platform with high profile.



Collection of global famous yacht brands on the Macau Boat Show
By far, brands to take part in the boat show are more than 30 from over 20 countries, such as Sunseeker, Searay, Bayliner, Prestige, Jeanneau, Sunrise, YAMAHA, KAWASAKI, Sunbird, Prout, Delta, Norsemen, Jet-Tern, GCK, Maxi etc. According to the introduction by organizers, yachts displaying in the show are distinctive and full of sparkling highlights. For example, the dolphin yacht of Seabreacher taking from Xiamen Smart Hero is an amazing product that breaks traditional water gliders, and also one of technological innovations in the 21st century. It was reported exclusively by America’s Discovery and ESPN Sport several times and by the First Time of CCTV2 as well. It will provide sports enthusiasts a chance to have an unprecedented driving experience. Prout International will bring its Prout CTS-4 triple-hulled vessel, which is a final cruising yacht of high performance, that is, it may serve as a short and medium-distance shuttle, and as a cruising yacht with great strain capacity on the sea at a speed that other yachts can hardly reach. Delta Powerboats will exhibit its superspeed carbon fiber yacht DELTA SPORTS CRUISER™ at the fair, which is an ingenious combination of short-distance pleasure activity with sightseeing functions. Its ingenious design is manifested in that the sofa at the tail of yacht can be turned simply to a deck to enjoy sunbath and the driver’s seat may be changed into a kitchen. With efforts of the organizing committee and positive cooperation of participants, all audience will have a chance to board the yachts and experience the comfort of yachts personally.

Besides numerous famous yacht brands from home and abroad, Macau Boat Show will also draw attention of high-end professional media such as Yacht, China Yachting, Boat International, Exclusive, Hurun Report, and Global Luxury Properties. The brand images will be presented and promoted positively through the platform of Macau Boat Show. More than a hundred media including CCTV, from mainland, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, will be invited to report the grand event of yachting.
With regard to buyers and professional audience, the organizing committee made great efforts and has invited a thousand more intentional buyers by various channels, including representatives of yacht clubs and chambers, celebrities from the mainland of China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, and a large number of customers of financial institutions to take part in and visit the fair for business talks.

Beautiful Models and A Variety of Activities
For the sake of a luxury, romantic and elegant atmosphere, the organizing committee will decorate the scene of the fair elaborately, and organize a variety of cultural activities with emotional appeal. The activities will match the theme of boat show. By then, audience on the scene will meet lots of super models, including Wang Lu, the fourth winner of 2011 Miss Tourism International, Zhang Yutong, the winner of the third place at the finals of 2012 Miss Universe, and Guo Yue, winner of the second place of 2011 China Professional Model Contest. On two bikini shows each day, beauties, together with yachts, will push the atmosphere of the fair to a new high.

The wonderful world created by acoustic, optical and electronic effects at the opening ceremony of the first boat show last year remains in the memory of participants. What wonderful moment will the opening ceremony of the Boat Show present to audience this year? Though sponsors kept it secret and refused to disclose any information about it, yet it is believed that it is definitely worth expecting. With regard to the bikini party that is popular to the fashion followers, beautiful women and men from different countries will be invited, who will provide an impetus continuously to the fair, and spend a relaxed and joyful nights with guests on the scene. Besides, celebrities from all walks of life will be also invited to taste top red wines from five famous chateaus, including Lafite.
What needs to be pointed out specially is the Boat Show will be open freely to the public. There will be a lucky draw on the afternoon of November 18th at the end of the fair. All audience on the fair will have a chance to draw multiple-level great gifts, including precious goods. It is said that lucky draw will give you surprises one after another.

Shuttles: to Pick up the Public to the Fair for Free Charge
It should be stressed that the Boat Show will be held at the Pavilion A at CotaiExpo which is provided with the complete guarantee of exhibition facilities and supporting services for the smooth proceeding of the fair. During the three-day fair, the Pavilion B of CotaiExpo will provide free parking lots for audience and four free shuttles as well. The public may get to the location of the fair by the shuttle buses at Lao Hon Lianda Supermarket, Holland Park Baihui Bus Stop, South Bay International Bank, and Tai Fund Bank beside Dangzai Race Track from 11:00 to 19: 00 each day during the fair.

It is hoped the gathering of famous yacht brands will attract global buyers to take part in. Welcome to the Macau Boat Show at Pavilion A of CotaiExpo, and enjoy the feast of joyful and luxury boat show presented commonly by luxury yachts and super models as well as yacht enthusiasts and people who enjoy life!

Source: The Organizing Committee of 2012 China (Macau), International Yacht Import and Export Fair, November 12th, 2012

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