Press conference of the 6th Sanya International Boat show

Last Update: November 3rd, 2017

On the afternoon of July 24, the press conference of 2nd Sanya Ocean Culture Festival and the 6th Sanya International Boat show was held in Sanya Luhuitou Hotel. It is reported that the event consists of three topics, i.e.: Essay Contest on “Enter Sanya, Hug South Sea”; the 6th Sanya International Boat show and Sanya Ocean Culture Forum.

This year, we will integrate Sanya Ocean Culture Festival and Sanya International Boat show in one, this move is to create a good marriage between Boat show and ocean culture, so as to fly Sanya’s boat industry while highlighting ocean culture of the city; let the boat show become an impressive cultural product, let ocean culture lead the yacht industry to go ahead in a scientific way, said Xu Zhenling, vice mayor of Sanya in the press conference.


Photograph by Xie Xijie, the official website of Sanya Tourism

It is reported that, the Essay Contest on “Enter Sanya, Hug South Sea” will be held during Jul.~Dec. 4, 2012. Starting from July, the organizer will solicit essays, blog articles, reportage, tourism literature focusing on the topic of “Enter Sanya, Hug South Sea” through leading medias such as ND Daily, Canton Net, Sina Weibo; aiming to advertise ocean culture of South Sea. During Aug.Oct., the best contributions received from the lovers of literature will be put on show to draw concern of the society; during Oct. Nov., “Netizens Evaluation Panel” will perform online interactive evaluation on all contributions and pick out top 500. then, an “Expert Evaluation Panel” will be organized to pick out the best from the top 500 and hold award ceremony and press an anthology. The only winner and special prize and 4 firstprize winners will be invited to present award ceremony and be granted bonus.

The second theme event is the 6th Sanya International Boat Show, which is to be held at InterContinental Harbor during Dec. 14~17, 2012.

The third theme event is Sanya Ocean Culture Forum, which is to be held at nterContinental Boat Club on Dec. 14, 2012.

It is said that during the show, a series of colorful events including Coastal Celebrities Banquet 2012, Night of Sunseeker, Essay Contest on “Enter Sanya, Hug South Sea”, Wine Tasting Meeting, masquerade parties, boat baby photography competition will be held in turn, so as to highlight the Boat show.

Although there are 5 months away from the show, numerous domestic and overseas renowned yacht brands and relevant firms including Speedo, Poly Marquis , Sunseeker Asia, Asia Yachting, Smooth Marine, Hainan Kedaya, Omnia, Jiepeng Marine have signed exhibition agreements with the organizer. Besides, many yacht supporting facilities and services providers from Italy, UK, US, Australia, Singapore, HK, Taiwan have submitted application for joining the show.

According to director of the organizing committee of Sanya Boatshow, the scale of the show will be much larger than that of last year, because it has become a common sense that Sanya’s yacht industry has good prospect. Today, the organizer will continuously invite target visitors and buyers,in addition, it will build platform, promote advertising and broaden recognition among the industry through a series activities like Coastal Celebrities Banquet, Essay Contest on “Enter Sanya, Hug South Sea”, Sanya Ocean Culture Forum 2012, boat baby photography competition.


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