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America’s Cup: Lexus Joins as Official Vehicle and Sustainability Partner

Last Update: August 17th, 2012

Dedicated to developing and improving cutting-edge hybrid technology, Lexus joins the America’s Cup as Official Vehicle and Sustainability Partner.


As Official Vehicle of the 34th America’s Cup, Lexus is providing a fleet of vehicles for use at AC World Series events, as well as in San Francisco in 2013 during the Louis Vuitton Cup (America’s Cup Challenger Series) and America’s Cup Finals.


“The America’s Cup is a showcase for innovation, technology and design excellence,” said Stephen Barclay, the CEO of the 34th America’s Cup. “It’s a sport where designers and engineers are pushed to create the fastest boat, which allows the best sailors in the world to prove their skills. With Lexus on board, we feel a synergy in this tradition of design, technology and excellence.”

By providing a fleet of energy-efficient vehicles for the competition, Lexus illustrates its shared commitment to the America’s Cup environmental goals. Offering 63 percent fewer smog-forming emissions than comparable gasoline-powered vehicles and more power, the full line of Lexus hybrids are the most advanced vehicles on the road today. Lexus offers more hybrid cars and SUVs than any other luxury automaker, and is dedicated to providing innovative hybrid technology without sacrificing luxury and performance.

“Lexus and the America’s Cup share a similar audience, and partnering with this performance-driven sporting event offers us an exciting way to connect with our fans,” said Brian Smith, Lexus vice-president of marketing. “We look forward to introducing our line of hybrid vehicles to a new audience during the most prestigious sailing competition in the world.”

Lexus joined the America’s Cup in Newport, R.I. for the final event of the 2011-12 AC World Series, providing a transportation fleet as well as vehicle displays. Lexus will continue to have a significant presence at all future 34th America’s Cup events, including the opening event of the 2012-2013 AC World Series in San Francisco from August 21-26, 2012.

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The 34th America´s Cup consists of three main stages – the America´s Cup World Series, the Louis Vuitton Cup and the America´s Cup Finals. Each AC World Series regatta will be a combination of practice and championship racing, with additional practice sailing on-site ahead of each event.
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