New Marine Life Found in Antarctica (Video Report)

Last Update: December 15th, 2015

Researchers in the UK say they have discovered several new species of sea creatures living near the only known hydrothermal vent in Antarctica. From a video report of Newsy:



Read the full report of all the findings and see more photos and videos:

Transcript by Newsy


Researchers exploring hydrothermal vents in Antarctica make a shocking discovery – new species – and theories about life in the deep.

The crew explored the uncharted – and previously thought unexplorable waters by sending down this remotely operated vehicle.

Using an advanced control center, the team was able to capture high-res images of life flourishing near the volcanic vents.

The big find – a new species of yeti crab, being called the Hasselhoff crab – or The Hoff crab for short, because of its hairy chest. It was found in staggering quantities. In some places up to 600 crab per square meter.

But not just crabs – the crew snapped photos of what they call the ‘ghost Octopus’

These giant seven-armed predatory sea-stars…

And these barnacles… all of which they say were undiscovered by humans. (Photos Courtesy: NERC ChEsSo Consortium)

The biggest find might have been the vents themselves – which according to LiveScience had never been found in Antarctica.  The hydrothermal vents are a hotbed for life – Wired explains why.

“These vents are fissures in the Earth’s surface, which spew out water rich in chemicals and heated to boiling temperatures by the interior of the planet. Hydrothermal vents are home to animals found nowhere else because they get energy by breaking down those chemicals, instead of from the Sun.”

One of the researchers quoted by LiveScience says what was surprising to him – was just about everything.

“‘It was ‘almost like a sight from another planet … To see these animals in such huge densities was just amazing… ’”

Transcript by Newsy.

(Image source: NERC ChEsSo Consortium)

Sources: Live Science | Wired | NERC ChEsSo Consortium


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