Hybrid Sharks Discovered

Hybrid Sharks Discovered

Scientists have found 57 hybrid sharks that are a cross between two types. Find out why the sharks are cross-breeding. From a video report of Newsy:

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Cue the ‘Jaws’ music. The world’s first hybrid sharks have been discovered off the coast of Australia.

News site Joe says ‘uh-oh’ …

The Mark writes, “something new to worry about.”

And The Telegraph asks the big question — will these be “deadly, mutant sharks which kill us all?”

But CNN has the more factual report.

“Scientists say a substantial number of hybrid sharks may be an indication the animals are interbreeding to adapt to climate change. Australian researchers say they have found 57 sharks that are a cross between the Australian black-tipped shark and the common black-tipped shark. The smaller Australian black-tip favors tropical waters, while the larger, common black-tip is found in sub-tropical and temperate waters.”

The researchers who found the sharks say finding wild hybrids of any animal is extremely rare, and the way sharks mate makes this discovery unprecedented. The Daily Mail quotes one:

“Dr Jess Morgan, of the University of Queensland, said it was unusual for sharks to breed this way: ‘Sharks physically mate, which is usually a good way to make sure you don’t hybridize with the wrong species.’”

So, the breeding seems to be coming from a need to survive. The scientists say this new, hybrid species could eventually replace the original black-tip species. No word yet on whether the hybrids have laser beams attached to their heads.

Transcript by Newsy.


(Image source: University of Queensland)

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