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Monsoon Cup draws potential investors


Kuala Terengganu City Centre (KTCC) is set to transform Terengganu by drawing new domestic and foreign investments and creating jobs. The KTCC development project, which covers a 7km radius from the Terengganu river estuary and which the Monsoon Cup venue sits in the middle of, is facilitated by The East Coast Economic Region Development Council (ECERDC).

Dato Jebasingam Issace John, CEO East Coast Econmic Region Development Council. Photo Chris Davies/WMRT

ECERDC CEO Dato’ Jebasingam Issace John said the KTCC would boost Terengganu’s economic potential.

“Terengganu has beautiful islands, pristine beaches and eco-tourism resources. Given that resource capability, Terengganu has been identified as the main tourism gateway for the east coast.”

He revealed that this year, the ECER is participating more actively with the Monsoon Cup organisers to promote KTCC.

“ECER is ready for development. We have five economic clusters – tourism, manufacturing, agriculture, education, and oil and gas. In the context of the Monsoon Cup, it is part of the tourism cluster.”

KTCC, which sits right in the centre of the Monsoon Cup venue hopes to leverage on the international recognition the event brings. Dato’ Jebasingam explained,

“Monsoon Cup has contributed significantly to the development of Terengganu because it has placed it on the international map. With the awareness that the Monsoon Cup brings, people will recognise Terengganu as a place for them to come and experience tourism. The event also brings with it potential for developing real estate in KTCC which covers hotels, resorts, shopping complexes, medical and wellness and service apartments, creating an integrated lifestyle enclave.”

A miniature display of the future KTCC sits in the middle of the Monsoon Cup lounge to give visitors an idea of how the new development will change the way Kuala Terengganu looks.

He added,

“Through the Monsoon Cup, we want people to understand the projects, the potential, and the opportunities available in Terengganu and this event brings people together to provide an excellent forum for networking and trying to impress upon potential investors the potential in investing in Terengganu.”

Monsoon Cup 2011
Photos: Monsoon Cup / WMRT / ISAF

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