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Bodrum Cup 2012 – the Gulet Regata http://en.nauticwebnews.com/281

Bodrum Cup 2012 – the Gulet Regata

Bodrum Cup 22.10. – 27.10.2012

The Bodrum Cup is an annual yacht regatta organized by ERA Bodrum Sailing Club. The primary intention is to promote interest and skill in sailing among the captains and crews of Bodrum’s charter fleet. It is also a celebration of the ending of each year’s cruising season, a means to bring together in a friendly encounter charter yachts that normally cruise on their own. This is a fun event organized since 1989, held every third week in October.

Another purpose is to extend the cruising season, since passengers are welcome, to participate aboard competing yachts. Privately owned yachts, Turkish or foreign – flag, are also certainly welcome to participate within the applicable categories and many do so. With the added excitement of competition, all participants enjoy the festive air as yachts anchor together at the end of each day to have fun and trade tall stories that are the trade- mark of sailors. The magnificent vista of a horizon filled with the sails of Bodrum’s majestic wooden yacht fleet is a sight never forgotten.

About Traditional Turkish Gulets

Gulet is an all wooden motor sailing yacht built for cruising the coasts in the calm warm waters of the Mediterranean. The meaning of the Gulet name is derives from the French goelette that mean schooner. The classic Gulet is best known for its low-to-the-water profile and roomy hull, rounded aft. Bodrum, Fethiye, Antalya and Marmaris are the towns in Turkey famous in gulet building. Gulet construction process nearly takes one year. The Turkish “Gulet” is a traditionally designed wooden wooden boat. She has the heritage of those ancient boats which sailed across the Aegean and Mediterranean seas for thousands of years.The original gulet has the rounded aft but also flat backed style Gulets (Ketch) are existing.

The living areas of a Gulet is consisted of a saloon, some of them have closed aft instead of a saloon and cabins. Charter gulets have more cabins then private use gulets. But the cabin size increases in private Gulets. Charter gulets are easily convertible to private use cabins.

Gulets come in all manner of shapes and designs! Though some have been built and equipped to withstand the rigors of an ocean crossing, the majority have been constructed for coastal cruising.


  • 22 OCT 2012: BODRUM ISKELE SQUARE Opening Ceremony
  • 26 OCT 2012: 4th COURSE (KALYMNOS – COS)
  • 27 OCT 2012: 5th COURSE (COS -BODRUM) and Regatta Prizegiving Ceremony

(Editors Note: article updated for the 2012 Cup)

Rent a Gulet: chartereventos.com/gulets

Bodrum Cup

Articles about the Bodrum Cup


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  1. wow!!! A great and exciting Sailing Competition. This not only enthusiast the participants but also the viewers.

  2. These gulets are looking beautiful, Which is comfortable for wearing. Thanks a lot…

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