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INTERBOOT is celebrating its half century and is looking back at its rich past and forward to an exciting future: From 17 to 25 September 2011, it is casting off into the world of water sports for the 50th time. About 500 exhibitors are on board demonstrating the latest developments in the market throughout eight halls, on the Trade Fair Lake and on Lake Constance.

The dive center presents new features such as a panorama underwater cinema and photo workshops. A wakeboarding competition, sailing regattas and the motor boat competition will provide exciting spectacles. Experience a whistle-stop tour of 50 years of water sports history and social development in special exhibitions.


“This exhibition began in 1962 during the Wirtschaftswunder [German economic miracle] and rapidly developed into an international, exciting, trend-setting water sports exhibition, that sees itself as an important partner in the industry,” says Klaus Wellmann, CEO of the show. “The Trade Show Lake has been an integral part of the exhibition from the outset. Now, visitors can actively join in the fun of water sports in the halls, on the Trade Show Lake and on Lake Constance. This combination is unique in Germany in water sports exhibitions.

The exhibitors also value the multi-faceted test area. Some of the world’s largest boatbuilders such as Bavaria, Bénéteau and Jeanneau have been using INTERBOOT’s facilities for decades to launch their products to the public.

“We are particularly proud of the exhibitors such as Boesch Motorboote from Switzerland and Schöchl Yachtbau from Austria who have already shown their boats at the IBO consumer show and who have been with us almost every year,” says project manager Dirk Kreidenweiß. “Brunnert-Grimm from Switzerland has been presenting its new products here in Friedrichshafen since way back in 1951.”

This year, Brunnert-Grimm is presenting a new fuel cell boat.

Travel through 50 years of water sports

Over the 50 years of INTERBOOT, there have been some interesting developments as evidenced by numerous stories and pictures in our multi-media exhibition. During this anniversary year, visitors can go on a trip through time back to the show’s beginnings in 1962 and look at the social changes that have taken place over this period. In addition, in the individual exhibition areas, boats, equipment and fashions from past times can be viewed on “exhibition islands”, showing the developments and differences between then and now.

Dive Center with Panorama underwater movie theater

The dive center in Hall A4 has been given a new lease of life. Visit the panorama movie theater, plunge into the diving pool and watch demonstrations that open up an underwater world. Experienced divers, who wish to capture their experiences photographically, can participate in the workshops held on the two INTERBOOT weekends. Underwater photographer, David Benz, who has won numerous awards for his pictures and was one of the Top Ten in the International Photography Awards in 2008, will pass on his tips to beginners and advanced photographers. In addition, there will be representatives from dive bases and schools, travel operators, and information about diving equipment, apparel and accessories. Messe Friedrichshafen has acquired skilled support for its reorganization by persuading Jürgen Steiger on board. This enthusiastic amateur diver and networker has been involved with various manufacturers in the diving industry for 15 years and has in the past successfully organized diving areas at shows.

Water sports test areas on the Trade Fair Lake and on Lake Constance

Children and adults can take to the water of the show’s own lake in kayaks, canoes, sailing boats and inflatables. Children up to the age of 10 can take the Trade Fair Lake’s inflatable boat certification. With mini 12 sailboats, young visitors can take charge of the rudder and glide across the water with disabled visitors in uncapsizable and unsinkable yachts. Numerous manufacturers make around 100 different boats available for extensive pre-purchase test drives in the INTERBOOT harbor. “Experience water sports” is the slogan of the Württemberg yacht club: During the INTERBOOT weekends, anyone can take part in free “taster sailing” sessions conducted by specialists. If you prefer to let the evening wind down in a mellow maritime atmosphere on the waterfront, the INTERBOOT harbor is the right place to be. At the end of the show, there will be evening drinks with a one-euro discount during Happy Hour.

Meeting point for funsport enthusiasts

Equipment, accessories, apparel and waterskiing and wakeboarding boats: Hall A5 is a meeting point for surfers, kiters, waterskiers, wakeboarders and stand-up paddlers. Fans of these fun sports can meet, exchange information about the latest trends, tips and tricks and chill out together in the Relentless Beach Club in Übergang Ost.

Wakeboard competition and test area

The Trade Fair Lake is once again turning into a funsport area for all would-be and experienced wakeboarders. Wakeboarders can indulge several times a day in this trend-setting sport using the lift system; in the evenings beginners can test out their skills until the sun goes down. The second INTERBOOT Saturday entices numerous top boarders to Friedrichshafen for the wakeboard competition, CA$H FOR TRICKS. Here they can demonstrate their skills on the show’s lake and try to land the prize money of 2,500 euros.

Maritime travel market with beach fashion show

Visitors can obtain a glimpse of distant places at the Maritime Travel Market: Information about travel operators, countries and regions and the best travel destinations for water sports can be found there. The Charterforum gives knowledgeable and neutral advice about the best areas for specific requirements and gives support for individuals’ plans. Models on the INTERBOOT catwalk show off the current trends in vogue for the beach or bar.

Motorboat competition: Liquid Quarter Mile

A wonderful spectacle for fans of powerful motorboats will take place on the Friedrichshafen waterfront. Fast boats will be put through their paces daily on the Liquid Quarter Mile (except on Wednesday and the second Sunday) between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. The participants in different classes can enter a gripping contest – and to celebrate our 50th anniversary, there will also be vintage boats at the start.
The INTERBOOT trophy, the BodenseeCup for MS 11 motorboats, the vintage regatta and motor boat training for women also form part of the harbor program.

Meeting point for nautical Switzerland

Switzerland, the country most strongly represented at the water sports exhibition, combines traditional Swiss precision and design in its large booth in Hall B1. Traditionally, all Swiss ladies are afforded free entrance on INTERBOOT Thursday. As in previous years, the Kombi-Ticket is available again and includes the train journey to Romanshorn, the ferry to Friedrichshafen and the transfer to the show, as well as entry to INTERBOOT with a ten per cent discount.

Boat building

The Verband der Bodenseewerften (Association of Lake Constance shipyards) will be represented on a large joint booth. Here visitors can obtain information from boat-building experts. In addition to ready-made yachts, there will be a 4.5 meter-long wooden rudder boat on the stand made by Werft Denninger-Meile.

Bobby Schenk’s Blue Water Seminar

This year INTERBOOT presents the Blue Water Seminar to would-be round- the-world sailors, dreamers and genuine sea dogs on the second weekend of the show. Bobby Schenk and other professional sailors will be sharing their experiences on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 September. Attendance at 120 euros is permitted only with pre-registration.

Peaceful havens at INTERBOOT

The INTERBOOT Plaza is a peaceful haven designed for all those who want to have a little break from their tour of the show or who wish to relax in a pleasant atmosphere with a bite to eat, a cocktail or a glass of wine. High-quality jewelry, fashion, accessories and wine are also available here to browse while you linger awhile.

Water sports experience for young people

Young people for water sports: This is the 10th time that INTERBOOT has organized a whole weekend full of activities for 12-16 year-olds to take place on and under the water. At the INTERBOOT Youth Camp taking place from September 24 – 25, 2011, one hundred young people will be able to discover which sport is most fun and suits them best. The extensive program includes wakeboarding, driving motor boats, sailing, diving and the latest trendy sport of stand-up paddle surfing.

Opening hours, prices and anniversary campaign

INTERBOOT takes place from Saturday 17 to Sunday 25 September 2011, open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. The show harbor is open daily until 7 p.m. Courtesy bus shuttles will transport visitors from the airport, the railway station, ferry stations, the show harbor and parking lots to the show grounds and back again. A day pass costs 10 euros, or 8 euros if eligible for a discount. Family passes are available for 25 euros, children between 6 and 14 years old pay 5 euros. Visitors celebrating their 50th birthday may enter free of charge; those celebrating their 50th birthday during our anniversary year will pay 50 per cent of the price.

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