BENETEAU is launching DOCK and GO

BENETEAU is launching DOCK & GO, a revolutionary innovation to dock your boat with complete confidence

AUGUST 16, 2010: BENETEAU is launching DOCK & GO, a revolutionary innovation to dock your boat with complete confidence.

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BENETEAU re-invents boat handling

Now maneuvering your BENETEAU into the slip or to the mooring becomes so easy a child could do it!  BENETEAU is increasing sailors’ enjoyment and confidence by totally eliminating the apprehension associated with docking.

An intuitive joystick makes docking precise, safe and fun

Thanks to its joystick, which simultaneously synchronizes a pivoting propeller driven base unit with a bowthruster, DOCK & GO allows you to maneuver a large sailing yacht calmly; whatever the wind and tide or marina layout.
Fun and very intuitive, the system makes docking the boat in a restricted space easy and gives a precision of movement that is incomparable.

Safety and thrust for error-free handling

Uniting safety and thrust, DOCK & GO combines the assistance of the engine with a bowthruster, giving the same thrust whether maneuvering fore or aft, optimizing a yacht’s power for all-round maneuverability.

This new innovation will be available for Spring 2011 deliveries as an option on models with Yanmar 75HP SD engines such as the Sense (50’), Oceanis 46 and Oceanis 50.

This ground-breaking development that makes docking “child’s play” will first be seen in the North American market aboard a Beneteau 50 footer at the United States Sailboat show in Annapolis , October 7th to 11th. Don’t miss it!

Beneteau USA, the American division of the world’s largest sailboat manufacturer, builds hundreds of 31-50 foot production sailboats in Marion, SC and imports sailing and power yachts up to 58 feet in length from its parent company in France.

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130 Years of Commitment to the Sea. Beneteau has been a pioneer for recreational boating from the outset. With its world-leading ranges and iconic products, nearly 40 models offer diverse, high-performance capabilities.
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