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Submarine for exploration, yachts and tourism (Video)

Personal Submarine for yacht and Tourism

Personal Submarine for yacht and Tourism

Another year at the Monaco Yacht Show

From 21/09 till 24/09 2011 U-Boat Worx will be one of he exhibitors during the Monaco Yacht Show 2011. Like last year they will have a submarine available for demonstration dives.

The 2010 Monaco Yacht Show was a great success!

The three models the C-QUESTER 3, the C-QUESTER 2 and the all-new C-EXPLORER 2 were considered biggest eye-catchers on the show.

The submersibles were so popular that they made more than 30 dives in four days with potential clients and received more request during the show.

U-Boat Worx Submersibles Movie

This movie gives a quick and general overview of U-Boat Worx and the submersibles it manufacturers in the Netherlands.

U-Boat Worx at the Monaco Yacht Show 2010

UPDATED Aug 29, 2011 from Sep 27, 2010

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