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Volvo Ocean Race Video – Weekly Show Episode 36 () http://en.nauticwebnews.com/2310

Volvo Ocean Race Video – Weekly Show Episode 36 ()

500 miles to Marstrand, can Ericsson 4 secure overall victory or can Telefonica Blue or PUMA come from behind to take it down to the wire? Drama after the pit-stop restart as Telefonica suffers a disaster in the shallows around Marstrand. The Volvo Ocean Race presents under the title “Weekly Show Episode” an impressive video from the race series 2008-09. The Video has a runtime of more than 26 minutes. httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyYr8f_r6ng (total 25:51 minutes on volvooceanracevideos)
Video streamed directly from the Volvo Ocean Race YouTube-Channel.
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