Stockholm Floating Boat Show 2011

Boat Fair Stockholm, Sweden

Last Update: November 3rd, 2017

Boat Fair Stockholm, SwedenStockholm Floating Boat Show from 30.08 – 04.09.2011

Moving in to the Boat Show: Wednesday, august 31th 08:00 to 17:00. Please contact Malin if earlier moving in is needed. We will have staff assisting at each dock. Follow location information on the map enclosed.


The latest time for moving in to the Boat Show is, Thursday at 9:00. At that time we will set up the docks using pontoons and no further entry, by boat, will be possible.

For those boats positioned on a pontoon, please moor your boat close by temporarily, until the pontoon is in place and the final mooring can be made.

All shore stands will be handled by staff on location, if you have any questions please get in touch with us.

Moving out of the Boat Show: Sunday, September 4th from 18:00 and onwards.

Boat Show opening hours: Thursday 12:00 to 18:00,  Friday-Sunday 10:00 to 18:00.

Exhibitor Cards: 2 cards per stand or boat. These are available in the Boat Show Office with strap and plastic folder.

If there is a need for additional exhibitor cards, make a list of staff in the stand / on the boat, and retrieve the cards from Boat Show Office.

Entrance cards / Customer Cards: May be retrieved at the Boat Show Office if there is a need for additional cards. Additional cards will be invoiced after the Boat Show at a price of SEK 80 + VAT per additional card.

NOTE: You must stamp the cards with your company name in order for them to be redeemed.


Parking: There are several parking areas around Vasahamnen and these are shown on a separate map on our website.

Restaurant: VS Rödlöga will be moored at the pier. We also have different food-shops;
coffee, buns, hot dogs and herring can be found in the small bistro next to shore stands. More detailed information can be found under restaurant.

Djurgården boom: There is a boom located outside and Biological Museum that can be closed during Saturday and Sunday. Your exhibitor pass should be used for right of passage. Present card on request.

Ramp: In case of need of a need of a ramp to put boat in or out of water, there is one located by the Q8 petrol station just past the bridge to go to Lidingö.

Shore Power: Electrical outlets are limited to pre-ordered electricity. If you require electricity, and you have not pre-ordered it yet, please do so immediately so we can  arrange for that. Otherwise, it could be a major problem faced by all.

You must bring your own extension cords, we do not have them for rent at site. Contact us for information about the length of cords etc. and we will help you with measurements.

If Gas is to be used for any reason, the local Fire Department must be contacted and a certificate of approval received. This must be done by each exhibiting company itself.

Internet: Is available in the port for getting online. More information about this at the Boat Show Office.

Using your boats for accommodation: Entry will only be granted by showing your exhibition card.

Security: Security staff will be at the exhibition area between 18:00 to 9:00 the morning after. Important to know is that no guard will be on duty after the end of the Boat Show on  Sept 4 at 18:00. 

Boat Signs: Boat information stands will be mounted to the right of each boat on the dock. Each stand will be mounted when all boats are in place, at the latest Thursday  at 10.00.
Prepare your boat info and laminate it. Then it is just to use the stands with with double-sided tape.

More Information:

Address of Vasahamnen: Stockholm Floating Boat Show, Vasahamnen Galärvarvet, 115 21 Stockholm
Malin Lindén Troberg, Boat Show Manager
Åsa Lundberg, Exhibitor Service
Malin +46 70 591 61 19, Åsa +46 70 563 38 45



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