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Living the luxurious life that only self-sufficiency can provide is what WHY – Wally-Hermes Yachts is claiming. Created by French luxury brand Hermes and Monaco based yacht maker Wally, WHY is a sustainable yacht that will definitely provide a new lifestyle of living on the seas. The yacht has numerous features like a seawater swimming pool of 25 meters long.

However, the strong points of the boat WHY is its eco friendly features that includes the use of different sources of energy that are managed by a central computer. A diesel electric engine powered the yacht and its 900 square meters photovoltaic panels provides the solar electricity of the yacht. In addition, that maker of WHY are also looking forward of putting a telescopic wind-turbine system. A retractanle mast with a computer operated sail measuring is also planned to be installed to produce at least 30 percent of energy needed to propel this luxury yacht.

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