New 2010: Dufour 405

Dufor 405

“European Boat of the Year 2010”, not surprisingly from the Dufour Yachts stable.

Already widely acclaimed by the general public, the professional press too has recognized its many excellent features.

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Beautiful, big, modern, rich, and innovative — and what’s more, it goes very fast! You could say this Dufour 405 has all the attractions of the perfect heartthrob!

Like its forerunners under the Dufour ‘longship’ sign, this latest Grand’Large model sets a new standard for cruising yachts.

Length overall: 12,17 m
Hull length: 11,90 m
Length waterline: 10,63 m
Hull width: 3,98 m
Displacement: ~8.000 kg
Draft: 1,75m/2,03m
Mainsail surface: 80 m²
Engine: 40 hp (40kW)
Layout: 2 / 3 cabines

Dufor Yachts
Michel Dufour, an engineer with a love of sailing, founded his shipyard in La Rochelle, France back in 1964. He owes his success to his keen intuition. He was convinced that new technologies and new materials would transform sailing. But sailing has always continued to be embodiment of the pioneering, adventurous spirit; the pinnacle of pleasure.
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Length overall : 12,17 m
Hull length : 11,90 m
Length waterline : 10,63 m
Hull width : 3,98 m
Displacement : ~8.000 kg
Draft : 1,75m/2,03m
Mainsail surface : 80 m²
Engine : 40 hp (40kW)
Layout : 2 / 3 cabines
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