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Fair Interboot Germany, Friedrichshafen (Bodensee)

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(18th to 26th september)

Look forward to a modern exhibition centre offering attractive exhibition space, live stages, an exhibition lake and open-air ground. In addition enjoy one the most beautiful water sports estuaries: the Lake of Constance. The independent INTERBOOT Harbour
on the lakefront in Friedrichshafen has the advantage to show water sports during an interactive and live event. You and your clients can easily reach the harbour by a shuttle
service provided.


Right here visitors can cast off for test drives with different means of travel on water. This is the place where top events attracting media attention such as the Ladies Match Cup or the Liquid Quarter Mile take place. They boost visitor traffic, inspire for water sports and furthermore produce extra attention in public.

The ’INTER‘ of ’INTERBOOT‘ accounts for international, interdisciplinary and interactive. 514 exhibitors from  15 countries have visited the INTERBOOT in 2009. The attention of the media was adequately high. 457 media representatives from 11 countries have covered the INTERBOOT in print media, radio and television.

The interdisciplinary concept of the exhibition ensures a broad interest of the audience. Themes and activities represent the world of water sports in its whole variety. The advantage: the INTERBOOT is worth a visit for all water sports enthusiasts.

Interactivity is another bonus of our exhibition concept. Visitors do not have a passive role during the INTERBOOT. There are about 500 targeted events – they range from a first-time diving experience to test sailing. They guarantee inspiration for water sports and that visiting the exhibition is a personal experience for every single visitor.

Where there is water, people exercise. Therefore the INTERBOOT in Friedrichshafen has a distinct advantage: its local presence. Not only the Lake of Constance but other favoured water sports destinations like Lake Garda, Starnberger Lake, Lake Zurich,
Lake Maggiore, the Ligurian Sea, the Adriatic Sea… are close-by.

The Exhibition Centre of Friedrichshafen is located within the profitably strong Euregio. Southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland are counted among. Visitors living in the area do not only have the possibility to practise water sports, they also have the spending power needed to invest in this passion.

Headlines INTERBOOT 2010

  • Comprehensive: Market overview with new products exhibit
  • International: 500 exhibitors from 25 countries
  • Special exhibit: High-tech customization
  • Green power: Alternative and efficient engine technologies spotlighted
  • Horsepower: Raw power of the speedboats at the Liquid Quarter Mile
  • Water fun: Test rides on Trade Show Lake and on Lake Constance
  • Riding the waves: Wakeboard paradise for beginners and professionals
  • Taking the plunge: Dive Center offers a view into an underwater world
  • Paddleboat race: Pedalo Cup on Lake Constance
  • The good life: INTERBOOT Plaza with a lounge, food and shopping

New impulses for water sports are coming. From 18 to 26 September 2010, the 49th annual INTERBOOT trade show will showcase its unique combination of information and action. The latest developments in alternative engine technologies, high-tech materials and customization will be on display in special exhibits at the trade show and in demonstration runs on Lake Constance. Messe Friedrichshafen CEO Klaus Wellmann describes the concept this way. “At INTERBOOT, water sports in all their diversity become an adventure,” adding, “We have been talking to experienced and up-and-coming water sports enthusiasts and want to thrill our visitors with events such as the wakeboard contest, the Liquid Quarter Mile, the paddleboat race and test rides.”

With sailing and motorized yachts, electric boats, inflatables, dinghies, canoes, kayaks, kites, wakeboards, surfboards, engines, electronics, clothing and accessories, around 500 exhibitors from 25 countries will show what water sports currently have to offer. In eight halls, on Trade Show Lake and Lake Constance, visitors can see and test the newest products for the coming season. “Messe Friedrichshafen sees itself as a partner of the water sports industry. With INTERBOOT‘s comprehensive program, we are constantly investing in the boating industry and provide a wide platform,” said Klaus Wellmann. “INTERBOOT is far more than a one-dimensional product show. Water sports are alive in Friedrichshafen, and that makes the exhibition so attractive to visitors and exhibitors.” Project manager Dirk Kreidenweiss also confirms this, saying, “Some of the largest shipyards in the world, such as Bavaria, Bénéteau and Jeanneau have been showing their products at INTERBOOT for decades. This is where exhibitors unveil their latest products, such as the Nimbus 31 Nova and the European premiere of the Hunter 55c. Linssen Yachts has already announced the world premiere of its Grand Sturdy 25.9 HYBRID, which will be available for test rides in INTERBOOT Harbor.”

Special exhibit: Customization and High-tech

A new special exhibit provides visitors with ideas and suggestions on how to customize their own boats. In hall B3, the focus is on the use of high-tech materials such as carbon, multi-media, foliation as well as on-board electronics. In addition to the special exhibit on the fairgrounds, the products can be seen in action on Lake Constance on featured days. On INTERBOOT Monday, there will be product demonstration rides beginning at 5 pm in front of the lake front promenade.

Green power with alternative engine technologies

Another special exhibit will provide detailed information about current developments in engine technology such as electric, hybrid and efficient traditional combustion engines. On trade show Tuesday, a technical presentation will delve more deeply into one of the many trade show topics. In the evening, boats will demonstrate their capabilities on Lake Constance.

Grand display: Horsepower and muscle power

Horsepower and muscle power are central themes of both show events in front of the Friedrichshafen lake shore promenade. Beginning at 5 pm on the first trade show weekend as well as Friday, September 24 and Saturday, September 25 2010, the crowd-favorite Liquid Quarter Mile will feature high-powered boats showing off their acceleration capabilities. The first ever Pedalo Cup will kick off on trade show Thursday. “The paddleboat race will certainly be a big event on Lake Constance,” says Dirk Kreidenweiss. “16 teams, each consisting of four members, will have to complete a race course as fast as possible.” The INTERBOOT Trophy, the Bodensee Cup for MS 11 motorboats, the vintage regatta, the motorboat training for women and the ADAC racing training are also on the harbor program. On the second trade show weekend, there will be a wakeboard contest on Lake Constance.

Water fun on Trade Show Lake and on Lake Constance

Trade Show Lake will be converted into a water sports area for children and adults. There, visitors will be able to take kayaks, canoes as well as sailboats and inflatables for test rides. Children up to the age of 10 can receive Trade Show Lake certification in inflatable boat piloting. Smaller trade show guests will also take the helm themselves and give rides to disabled visitors crisscrossing Trade Show Lake in uncapsizable and unsinkable mini 12 sailboats.
Visitors interested in buying a boat can thoroughly test it before the purchase. Numerous manufacturers will provide about 100 different boats for test rides in INTERBOOT Harbor. Also, those wishing to while away the evening in a cozy, maritime atmosphere along the lake shore couldn’t find a better spot.

Mecca for recreational sports fans

Hall A5 is a mecca for surfers, kite boarders, water skiers and wake boarders. Here, recreational sports fans will find equipment, accessories, and apparel as well as waterskiing and wakeboard boats. In the Chill Area with the Coca-Cola Beach Club, visitors can discuss the latest trends, tips and tricks. Detailed information on kite boarding in South Africa will be provided by a delegation from that country, which is coming to Lake Constance with kite board manufacturers and representatives from kite boarding schools.

Wakeboard paradise for beginners and professionals

Once again this year, Trade Show Lake will be turned into a paradise for beginning and experienced wake boarders alike. Beginners can test their talent on the wakeboard cable lift. On the second INTERBOOT weekend, a wakeboard contest will attract numerous experienced boarders to Friedrichshafen to show off their sport on Trade Show Lake and on Lake Constance.

Dive into an underwater world

The Dive Center in hall A4 will draw people into the world under the water. Anyone interested in getting up close and personal with the underwater world can make a supervised dive into the diving pool. Representatives from the Württemberg State Diving Association (Württembergische Landesverband für Tauchsport) and the Baden Diving Association (Badische Tauchsportverband) and their affiliated clubs will be available for consultations. There will be daily demonstrations of the various diving disciplines in the diving pool. Retailers, diving schools and diving travel agencies will provide diving equipment and accessories, consultations and information.

Maritime Travel Center and INTERBOOT Catwalk

The desire for summer, sun, beach and sea draws visitors to the Maritime Travel Center. Representatives from the travel industry, including international and regional travel destinations will provide information on the most beautiful travel destinations for water sports enthusiasts. The charter forum will provide professional and unbiased advice on the right destinations to meet all your vacation needs. It will also assist with individual planning. To see the latest in beach fashion, check out the new INTERBOOT catwalk, where current trends are on parade before they appear on the beach or at the beach bar.

Cozy atmosphere at INTERBOOT

Whether you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the show or simply while away the day at the show in a pleasant atmosphere, you need to head to the INTERBOOT Plaza in Rothaus Hall/A1. “Ambience and style prevail here. We provide a place where visitors can relax with soft live music, delicious hors-d‘oeuvres, cocktails or a glass of wine. Additionally, retailers of fine jewelry, fashions, accessories and wine offer an enjoyable shopping experience,” says Dirk Kreidenweiss.

Ship building on Lake Constance

The shipbuilders on Lake Constance have an excellent reputation in the international water sports world. This year shipyards around Lake Constance will be exhibiting at a large shared booth and will allow a view behind the scenes. The Kemmer Shipyard will be building a deck substructure into the wooden hull of a gaff cutter during the trade show on the Association of Lake Constance Shipbuilder’s activity stage.

Platform for nautical Switzerland

For the 75th anniversary of the Swiss Association of Shipbuilders, exhibitors from the most represented foreign nation at the water sports exhibition will share a large common booth. Traditionally, Swiss women have been granted free admission on INTERBOOT Thursday. A kombi-ticket is once again available for the trip to the show. This ticket includes the train ride to Romanshorn, the ferry to Friedrichshafen and the transfer to the trade show as well as a ten-percent discount on the INTERBOOT admission price.

Young innovative companies show latest products

Innovation will be on display at the joint booth shared by young, innovative companies, who will exhibit their latest developments in Rothaus Hall/A1. The ten companies are being promoted by the Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology, and Messe Friedrichshafen is organizing their appearance at INTERBOOT.

Days full of water sports adventure for young people

The INTERBOOT Youth Camp will offer a weekend full of adventure on and under the water for 100 participants on 25 and 26 September 2010. For the ninth year running, INTERBOOT has teamed up with its partners to put together an exciting program for young people between the ages of 12 and 18 to promote an active lifestyle.

Hours of Operation and Prices

INTERBOOT will be open daily from 10 am to 6 pm Saturday, September 18 to Sunday, September 26, 2010. Trade Show Harbor will be open daily until 7 pm. Free shuttles will transport visitors from the airport, train station, ferry harbor, Trade Show Harbor and the parking lot to the fairgrounds and back. A day pass costs 9 euros, a discounted pass costs 7 euros. A family pass is available for 22 euros.

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