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We always receive amazing picture material from ROLEX and their photographers for editorial use. Lets say thank you to ROLEX and Photographer Carlo Borlenghi for their exellent work.(Norberto Moreau)



Carlo Borlenghi was born in 1956 on the lake of Como, Italy. Since 1978 he has been specialised in sports related to the sea.

In 1983 he followed the events concerning “AZZURRA” and became the official photographer for the Italian campaigns of the America’s Cup “ITALIA”(1987), “MORO DI VENEZIA” (1992) and “LUNA ROSSA”(2000 and 2003).

In 1983 Carlo Borlenghi won the “MARIAN SKUBIN ” prize for the best Sports pictures published in Italy. He also won for three years the “MARINA DI PESCARA” award for the diffusion of yachting in Italy.

In 1986 he won in Paris the “GRAND PRIX PROFESSIONAL DE LA PHOTO DE MER” organised by the French bureau of commerce.

Carlo Borlenghi was, for four years in a row, the official photographer during the WHITBREAD ROUND THE WORLD RACE for the following boats: “GATORADE, BROOKSFIELD, MERIT and MERIT CUP”. For five consecutive years he was the official photographer of the OFFSHORE WORLD CAMPIONSHIP.

Since 1994 he followed Giovanni Soldini with “STUPEFACENTE KODAK” for the “BOC CHALLENGE”, in 1996 with “TELECOM ITALIA” for the wonderful victory at “EUROPE ONE STAR” and “FILA” Around Alone 1998-99 . Carlo also works with Soldini with this new boat “FILA TRI”.

Official photographer of “CLUB MED” for the “RACE 2001”

Borlenghi was the official photographer for the 2001/2002 NAUTOR CHALLENGE (Amer Sport One and Amer Sport Too) Campaign for the VOLVO OCEAN RACE.

He has published many books, calendars, agendas and posters, which are always related to the sea.

His enthusiasm and open frame of mind always bring him to try new techniques and adventures, being a guarantee of originality, quality and full collaboration towards his clients.

Carlo is continuously updating in regard to technology of photography and communication.

Carlo Borlenghi, Milano, Italy, Web:

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