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Blogtrip F1 2011 – Marketing for F1 and Volvo Ocean Race http://en.nauticwebnews.com/1318

Blogtrip F1 2011 – Marketing for F1 and Volvo Ocean Race

What is #BlogtripF1 ?

BlogtripF1 is a strategy of social marketing for the destination brand. Its been used because the press and tour operators increasingly use Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook for business to stay in touch with their customers, their target customers.

During the year 2011 two separate international blogtrips are developed. The European Grand Prix  Formula 1 between 21 and 27 June, and the blogtrip Volvo Ocean Race in October.

More information:
http://blogtripf1.comunitatvalenciana.com (spanish)

Editors Note: Publicamos los blogs y con eso apoyamos un contacto fluente entre nuestros lectores y estos bloggeres. (Norberto Moreau)

In the second edition of F1 Blogrip influencers who will work withthe brand these days are:

These are some of the bloggers, friends who help so far in the promotion:

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