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Last Update: August 29th, 2019

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The Bay Of Cannes Becomes The Biggest Global In-Water Showcase For New Large Sailing Boats.

After two years of work, reflection, and consultation with a very broad panel of French and international customers that represent many sailing or motor boats, and with the support of the Cannes city council and the Nice Côte d’Azur Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Yachting Festival will take up the entire bay of Cannes and its two ports, dedicating Porto Canto to the Sailing Area and the Vieux Port to motor boats.


“The aim of this significant development is to provide the Yachting Festival with the space that had been lacking for a number of years and thereby to satisfy the growing demands of the exhibitors and enable the ‘sailing’ nautical industry to enjoy unsurpassed visibility and an exhibition space that, due to the lack of space, was never available at the Vieux Port. This fundamental change in the Yachting Festival 2019 will contribute to the growth of the nautical sector as a whole and its global dimension.

From September, we’ll take up the entire bay of Cannes which will become the world capital for sailing and motor boats. Our in-water capacity will be increased, compared to 2018, by almost 30% for sailing boats and almost 10% for motor boats. Taking up, more or less, all of Port Canto, which I should point out is located on the other side of the bay of Cannes just 8 minutes by sea from the Vieux Port, sailing boats that have been present at the Yachting Festival since its creation will now have more exhibition space, both on land and in-water, ensuring incomparable visibility. We are currently working on different daily event projects around sailing, both in-water and on land. We look forward to welcoming an internationally renowned patron for the show and a number of prestigious guests of honour” explained Sylvie Ernoult, Director of the Yachting Festival.

The 42nd edition of the Yachting Festival will take place from 10 to 15 September 2019 and will be organised around the two ports in the bay Cannes, expanding Port Canto and hosting three main activity sectors:


This new Sailing Space responds to the numerous demands from the shipyards over the years for more in- water space in order to exhibit more boats and highlight their range and also offers bigger reception areas on land to welcome their customers in the best possible conditions.
With over 400 metres of linear quayside dedicated to monohulls and over 400 metres for multihulls, the new Port Canto spaces will provide a perfect setting for new sailing boats between 10 and 35 metres long.

On land, the loyal “Sailing” exhibitors at the Yachting Festival and the new builders and creators in this sector will share the 4,000 m2 quayside area now offered by this new space, which is double the area of 2018!

The shipyards, equipment manufacturers and service companies working primarily in the sailing sector will have available large and comfortable spaces in which to welcome their customers.
With the wide dykes of the quays, Port Canto will offer large walkways throughout the Sailing Space enabling visitors to stand back and enjoy a better view of each boat on show on one side and of each reception stand on the other. This new Sailing Space at Port Canto will offer all the convenience of an exceptional experience where the very latest and finest monohulls and multihulls from around the world will line up for viewing by the visitors.

“Visitors coming from all five continents will be able to discover the ultimate in sailing boats presented by the leading players in the French and international nautical industry. What we are in the process of creating is an unbelievable Sailing Space! This has never been seen before and our ambition is quite simply to open the largest in-water exhibition of new sailing boats in the world!” says Sylvie Ernoult.

The visitors, professionals and enthusiasts, will find all the services they are used to: prestigious restaurant, snacking, VIP Club, press service, etc.


As was the case in the previous years, the Brokerage Space is located on the large starboard dyke (on the right) when we arrive at Port Canto by sea. For nearly 15 years this space has hosted the leading French and international players in the second-hand luxury yachts market and presents some fifty motor boats and sailing boats of at least 22 metres long. Available to buy immediately, these second-hand luxury yachts are also sometimes available to lease.


Since 2018 the “Toys” space is installed in Port Canto opposite the second-hand luxury yachts, taking advantage of wide spaces of this dyke to exhibit on-land an increasingly large selection of sport, fun and nautical activities equipment. A growing sector, “Toys”, for the young and the not so young, have become must-have equipment on yachts and are great fun and thrilling for those who use them! On show in 2019 will be an extensive collection of jet boards, long boards, jet skis and many other things too!


Port Canto is the second port of Cannes. It is located on the other side of the Croisette, just 0.68 nautical miles away from the Vieux Port (8 min. by sea) and 2.5 km by road (10-15 min.).
Whether visitors start with the Vieux Port and its motor boats or start in Port Canto to explore the Sailing Space, access to Port Canto is easy and fast.

On land, buses and courtesy cars (reserved for VIP visitors) will drop our visitors off at the on-land entrance to the Sailing Area or the Brokers Space:

By bus: free of charge on presentation of a Yachting Festival access ticket. These buses run every fifteen minutes between the Vieux Port – with stops at the Croisette and Quai Max Laubeuf entrances – and Port Canto with a stop at the Sailing Space and at the Brokerage and Toys Spaces.
By car: there are several car parks for visitors.

By sea, small and large sea shuttles will convey visitors between the two ports in less than 10 minutes.

In each port there will be several types of sea shuttles, with different passenger capacities, available for visitors, with five arrival/departure points in the Vieux Port and two points in Port Canto; one for the sailing Space and one for the Brokerage & Toys Spaces. There are departures every fifteen minutes.

It is worth noting that the sea crossing takes less than 10 minutes and provides a most agreeable moment in the bay of Cannes, along the Croisette. This is a moment afloat not to be missed!

“In 2019, the Yachting Festival will open a new chapter in its history while remaining true to its DNA and continuing to present a very wide range of boats: new and second-hand, monohull and multihull, sailing boats and motor boats, from 5 to 55 metres long. Thanks to this major development, our visitors will discover an even bigger and more eclectic offer that is now better distributed between the Vieux Port and Port Canto. The new organisation based on main activity sectors will enable visitors to find their way more easily and optimise their visit to the festival. Each year, for six days, Cannes is the world capital of yachting; our ambition is that Cannes also becomes the world capital of Sailing with the spotlights also focussed on Port Canto!” concludes Sylvie Ernoult.

Cannes Yachting Festival
Since 1977, the Cannes Yachting Festival takes place every September in elegant, luxurious surroundings in the sparkling bay of Cannes. The Cannes Yachting Festival is one of many exhibitions organised by Reed Expositions France, which like Fiac and Paris Photo allow an international clientele to meet with top level buyers in an exceptional setting.
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