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BOAT & FUN BERLIN: Motorboat award adds US member to its jury

Last Update: August 27th, 2019

In 2019 the Best of Boats Award is adding more international members from the US, Italy and Denmark to its jury. Once again, BOAT & FUN BERLIN is the Premium Partner of the Award.

In recent years the Best of Boats Award (BOB) has established itself as one of Europe’s leading competitions for motorboats. With the 2019 water sports season now well under way, the members of the international BOB Award jury have been decided upon. They come from 16 countries and represent every important water sports destination and boatbuilding nation.


The US is by far the largest market for motorised water sports and this year is represented by two jury members. Zuzana Prochazka, a long-standing board member of the journalists’ association Boat Writers International and its future chair, as well as a contributor to numerous US boating magazines, is joining the Best of Boats Award jury. Dominique Salandre, editor of Yacht & Sea and founding member of the BOB Award, is representing the US on the jury again. Denmark is represented for the first time by Troels Lykke (Minbaad). Giacomo Guilietti, who writes for Barche a Motore, one of the best-established Italian boat magazines, is another newcomer to the jury.

Best of Boats Award jury in 2019 at a glance:

  • Zuzana Prochazka (Sea Magazine/Southern Boating, USA)
  • Vincent Borel (Hors Bord, France)
  • Uwe G. Meiling (float, Germany)
  • Troels Lykke (Minbaad, Denmark)
  • Stanislaw Iwinski (Żagle, Poland)
  • Neale Byart (Motorboat Owner, UK)
  • Krunoslav Mihic (Burza Nautike, Croatia)
  • Kerstin Zillmer (float, Germany)
  • Julijan Višnjevec (Val Navtika, Slovenia)
  • Jan Sjölund (Venemestari/Totalvene, Finland)
  • Giacomo Giulietti (Barche a Motore, Italy)
  • Gerasimos Gerolimatos (Skipper On Deck, Greece)
  • Enrique Curt Iborra (Mares, Spain)
  • Dominique Salandre (Yacht & Sea, USA)
  • Bogdan Parfeniuk (Farvater, Ukraine)
  • Bernd Hofstätter (Ocean7, Austria)
  • Arek Rejs (Wiatr, Poland)
  • Anton Cherkasov-Nisman (Motorboat & Yachting Russia, Russia)
  • Alfred J. Boer (Varen, Belgium/Netherlands)

Best of Boats Award – categories and awards presentation

The Best of Boats Award highlights all aspects of motorboating and takes the owner’s perspective into account. Besides Best for Beginners, Best for Family and Best for Fun (active water sports), awards are also given in the Best for Travel category. Also included is the Best for Fishing (sports and amateur fishers) category as well as a Special Award for ground breaking new developments from the boat industry. The Best of Boats Award will take place at BOAT & FUN BERLIN on 21 November 2019.

From 21 to 24 November 2019, in the heart of Europe, BOAT & FUN BERLIN will exhibit an impressive range of models and brands. One of Europe’s leading boating exhibitions, it has been a Premium Partner of the Best of Boats Award since 2014.

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