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Armón shipyard launches a spectacular 66m catamaran with heliport

Last Update: July 18th, 2019

The spectacular luxury catamaran Hodor was built within last 14 months at Armon Shipyard in Burela (Lugo).

More than 66m length, the vessel impresses with its latest technology equipment, besides the heliport, a mini-submarine and leisure crafts, such as launches and aquatic bikes. It has 14m beam and it is built on aluminium, two propelled engines of more than 3,990 horsepower can reach maximum speed 22 knots. People who saw it says inside no detail is missing.


It will be the support boat of the 87m length (Feadship superyacht Lonian) mega yacht owned by a wealthy North-American business owner.

It is now outside Armón shipyard, it needs to finish interior and equipment assembly and sea trials. So, it will stay in Burela a few more weeks.


Armón Shipyard "Hodor"
Yacht Type
Motor Catamaran
Armón Shipyard
Length / Beam
66 m / 14 m
216.48 ft / 45.92 ft
Year Built
max. Speed
22 Knots
3,990 hp
Photos / Videos
Armón Shipyard
More information
Heliport, mini-submarine, leisure crafts and aquatic bikes
Last Update: 2019-07-18 770

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Armón Shipyard
ARMON builds vessels of up to 180 meters in length: Offshore, Fishing Boats, Tugs, Speedboats, Dredgers, Freighters, Ocean Survey and Research Vessels, Ferries, Yachts and others.
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Photos / Videos: Armón Shipyard & Armón, Jenkins-Photography


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