Taiwan International Boat Show Concluded Today with 13 Yachts Sold

Last Update: May 3rd, 2019

The 2018 Taiwan International Boat Show, a major biannual event in the yacht industry, came to a fruitful conclusion today, March 18. A total of 726 foreign buyers from 31 countries were in attendance over the four days of the Boat Show, including visitors from China, the US, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore. Additionally, the event also drew many members of the public, with 20,095 total visitors, and 13 vessels were sold during the Boat Show.

There were many happy sales at the 2018 Taiwan International Boat Show. At the yacht exhibition at the South Hall, Monte Fino Yachts sold the BZ 54 yacht as well as many bookings for chartered journeys, such as two-day yacht trips to the Penghu Fireworks Festival and diving at Xiaoluiqiu. Johnson Yacht sold two 70-foot new-model yachts, while Argo Yacht Club held a handover ceremony for a 30-foot vessel. Shin Sheng Fa Boat Building Co., Ltd. sold four small yachts, Dyna Craft Ltd. sold a 32-foot vessel, Morningstar Boats completed the sale of two small yachts, and Novatec Yachts Taiwan closed the deal on the sale of three 58-foot vessels. It’s worth mentioning that the chairman of a well-known Taiwanese company visited Horizon Yachts at their berth and expressed interest in buying a boat. Furthermore, buyers from Japan also visited the Boat Show to order vessels, stating that Taiwan’s yachts have good quality, detailed metal texturing, and outstanding craftsmanship, and that they were very satisfied with the wares on offer at the Boat Show this year.


Atech Composites, an exhibitor for accessories at the North Hall, put on a live demonstration of the yacht manufacturing process, and decorated their booth with a creative arrangement of blocks, drawing widespread attention. During the Boat Show, buyers from Abu Dhabi placed orders for spare parts and component materials, while famous boat manufacturers from Dubai and Malaysia conducted negotiations with Atech Composites on technology transfer and technical support services for the yacht manufacturing process.

Apart from yacht sales, TAITRA also arranged for nearly 20 one-to-one procurement meetings. The value of the sales made on-site and in subsequent transactions is estimated to be more than 10 million USD. Taiwan’s yacht industry once again received rave reviews and strong support from home and abroad at this year’s Taiwan International Boat Show, and the event has brought tremendous business opportunities to Kaohsiung.

This event was organized by the Bureau of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Kaohsiung City Government, with support from the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, the Taiwan Yacht Industry Association, and the Taiwan International Ports Corporation, Ltd.

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