Family cruising with a Heesen Yacht 50m FDHF

Last Update: April 11th, 2019

“It gives the sensation of gliding along, as opposed to being driven or pushed, and it’s quite an unusual experience,” says Captain Mike French.
“We’ve carried a number of people when in silent mode, and they are always astounded at how quiet it is.”


Most effective when in calm waters, silent cruising – and the yacht itself thanks to a shallow draft – are well suited to areas such as the Bahamas and the Tobago Cays where the waters are flat and clear, says Captain Mike.

But, equally, Mediterranean hot spots such as The Amalfi Coast provide the ideal setting to fully embrace all that Home offers.

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Any yacht can enter the ports of the world. But only a Heesen yacht can take you to your dream destination. A yacht is a beautiful way to travel the world in luxury and expanding your horizons.
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