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Match Race St. Moritz introduces an innovative sponsorship concept

Last Update: October 13th, 2018

The organisers of St. Moritz Match Race – in partnership with Volvo Automobile Suisse and Badrutt’s Palace Hotel – have introduced an innovative sponsorship concept which creates partnerships between the event sponsors and the teams that are racing the Swiss stage of the Match Race Tour.

St. Moritz Match Race will be from 30 August – 4 September


Sponsors Romano & Christen, BDO, LGT and FLYER will be at the heart of the action at this year’s St. Moritz Match Race, the Swiss stage of the World Match Race Tour, as each company is to lend its name to a team competing in the world class event. There will be live footage and race commentary throughout.

“Boat partnering is one of the corner stones of our sponsorship strategy,” said Christian Scherrer, president of the organising committee. “It means we can involve partners in both our event and directly in the competition. Event sponsors enjoy privileged access to lakeside viewing platforms to watch the racing and can invite their partners and clients to join them in supporting the yacht named and branded in their company colours. Sponsor guests also gain access to the VIP tent, press conferences and to the Badrutt’s Palace “sailors’ night”.”

This year’s St. Moritz Match Race “boat partners” are Romano & Christen, BDO, LGT and FLYER.

  • Romano & Christen has been a St. Moritz Match Race “boat partner” since 2009. Founded in 2007, this architectural firm was created in 1997 by ambitious and pioneering architects: Markus Romano and Michael Christen. Their approach to housing is innovative, open and healthy and aims to fulfil people’s lifestyle needs.
  • BDO, headquartered in Zurich, specialises in finance management, accountancy and fiscal matters. The company numbers 800 employees in 30 offices. BDO prides itself in its close customer relations and has an outstanding local and national network of specialists on call for its clients. 
  • LGT Suisse private bank is part of the LGT Group. It specialises in overall structuring and management of private assets and offers long term customised support to its clients. LGT Suisse has branches in Bale, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne, Lugano and Zurich. 
  • FLYER – These famous electric bikes are built by Biketec AG. The company’s approach is based on  sustainable development combined with high performance. The Flyer brand is available in 11 different models. Biketec is also heavily involved in the tourism industry and since 2003 its bikes have been available for rent at over 400 different rental stations.

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