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2019 Trans Atlantic challenge

Safehaven Marines ambition is to set a new UIM approved World Record for the North American continent to Ireland in 2019.

Safehaven Marine has developed a new model currently well advanced in construction to add to their extensive range of commercial, private and naval craft: ‘XSV20’. The design is a high speed patrol / S.A.R and interceptor with a moulded length of 21.5m and a LOA of 23m (75ft).


Traditionally there are three main routes possible.

  • The first is a direct route from New York to the West coast of Ireland. This is the shortest route but it is a distance of 2,600nm with a leg of 1,670nm across the Atlantic. This leg would require a fuel capacity that is not possible in a vessel of our size factoring our cruise speed (40kts) or mid ocean refuelling, not allowed by the UIM.
  • The second is from New York to the Azores, Portugal then Ireland. Although the longest leg across the Atlantic is less, at 1,300nm it is still beyond our range, and would be the greatest distance overall  at 3,650nm.
  • The Third option is the Northern route, starting from Newfoundland, then Greenland, Iceland and down to the North West coast of Ireland. This route is the only real option open to us as the longest open ocean leg between refuelling points is 758nm, reasonably comfortably within the maximum range of Thunder Child II, the total voyage is 2,400nm. (4,500km)


Safehaven Marine will be looking for support from people at the refueling stops in the same way we had support during the Rockall run, this will help us greatly.


Safehaven Marine "Thunder Child II"
Safehaven Marine
Length / Beam / Draft
23 m / 23 m / 0.85 m
75.44 ft / 75.44 ft / 0 ft
40 Knots /(800 nm)
max. Speed
50 Knots
Crew: 6
4x Caterpillar
Fuel capacity
12,000 ltrs | 3 USgal
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Safehaven Marine
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Safehaven Marine
Safehaven Marine are designers and builders of FRP Pilot boats, Patrol boats, Crew transfer vessels, Hydrographic survey catamarans, Naval & Military craft and unique custom private motor yachts.
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