Advanced Generator Replacement Technology by Integrel

Advanced Generator Replacement Technology is a new smart way of providing significant amounts of electrical power on board without a conventional generator.

Integrel adds variable electrical load to the main engine, pinning it to its most fuel efficient point and delivering both propulsion and generation with incredible efficiency. One engine two tasks less fuel.


Main differences between a generator and Integrel

The most obvious difference is that the Integrel system does not require a separate engine. This means that the fitting costs are less than for a stand alone generator with no need for through hull fittings and no separate fuel, exhaust or cooling systems. Through life maintenance costs are also substantially less as Integrel only needs a periodic belt change; no more second engine checks and maintenance schedules.

Other key differences are that the Integrel system improves the fuel efficiency of the propulsion engine, reducing overall vessel fuel consumption. It is fully automatic, managing electrical power generation, storage, conversion and distribution in one package.

Integrel also allows you to reduce the size of your 12 and 24 volt house battery banks with its powerful battery to battery charging capability and reduces the size and weight of the cabling for power hungry consumers such as bow thrusters, windlasses and winches.

Replace a generator with an Integrel system

An Integrel system will replace a generator of up to about 10kVA. The Integrel generator itself is fitted directly on to the propulsion engine occupies very little space and weighs only 15kg. The storage batteries that it uses are normally fitted into the same space as the stand alone generator it replaces; a 10kWh lead acid battery pack for example measures 600 x 600 x 350mm and weighs 260kg. Lithium ion batteries have about the same volume depending on the supplier and are less than half the weight.

Integrel Demonstration (short version | 4min)

the Integrel generator is like an alternator on steroids. Permanent magnets embedded in the rotor improve the internal magnetic coupling, delivering exceptionally high power and efficiency.

Nigel Calder is the author of hundreds of magazine articles and eight books, include of one of the best-sellers, the ‘Boatowners Mechanical and Electrical Manual’.

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Example Sailboat Generator Replacement

Paul and Sheryl Shard from Distant Shores sailing television series try out the Integrel system on their brand new Southerly 480.

Triskel Marine Integrel received the prestigious DAME Award 2018.

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